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Owners learn more about their hospitality business during the sale process than ever before. Don’t get surprised by your buyer’s due diligence. Prepare in advance.

Enhance your asset’s value by asking these questions:

Enhance your asset’s value by asking these questions:

  • What are the “Top 5 Things” you should be doing now?

  • Where should your focus be? Top line revenue? Bottom line profitability? Operations and customer satisfaction? Condition of the physical asset? Re-positioning to adapt to market changes? All of the above?

  • What resources do you have available to prepare your asset for sale and how would you calculate an ROI on this resource allocation?

Need to Speak to Someone?

Virtual Review

Virtual Review

Cayuga Hospitality Consultants reviews and analyzes our clients’ situation through a detailed discussion and qualifying questionnaire. This allows us to establish mutual agreement on primary areas of focus, provide recommendations and agree on next steps. Cayuga Hospitality Consultants’ fee of $500 will be a credit against future charges.

Initial Discovery Process

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A Senior Cayuga Hospitality Consultant will visit onsite to review property strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. Meetings with management to overview findings is followed by a detailed report with areas of focus and an initial estimate of potential valuation. Cayuga Hospitality Consultants fee to be negotiated.

In-Depth Review & Analysis

Review and Analysis

Our team of Cayuga Hospitality Consultants are experts in their areas of focus and complete an onsite analysis, from the perspective of a customer. We review internal documents, benchmark gaps vs. industry standards, conduct management/staff interviews and competitor site visits. A final report is provided with key findings, action plans, projected investment and ROI estimate. Scope and Cayuga Hospitality Consultants fee to be negotiated.

Ongoing Resources & Support

Ongoiong Resources

Our highly skilled Cayuga Hospitality Consultants provide specialty resources to assist with plan execution and also offer experienced coaching to ensure traction and accountability towards milestone accomplishments. Scope and Cayuga Hospitality Consultants fee to be negotiated.