Hotel Quality Assurance & Hotel Operations Analysis Consulting Services

The Cayuga Hospitality Hotel Quality Assurance and Hotel Operations Analysis is more than data and a point in time checklist. By combining quality assurance and operations analysis conducted by a lodging industry professional you receive a professional opinion of both the front of house guest perspective and the back of house employee and operations perspective.

What is a Hotel Quality Assurance Audit?

A Hotel Quality Assurance audit is done to identify the issues on the front end of the hotel experience, which is the everyday customer’s experience.

At Cayuga Hospitality, our consultants will participate in a mystery shopper experience. A consultant with hospitality ownership or executive level experience will measure the entire customer experience to include the entire sales process from:

  • Reservations
  • Check-in process
  • Hotel staff interactions
  • Quality and cleanliness of the facility
  • Departure/check-out
  • And post stay engagement

What is a Hotel Operations Analysis?

A Hotel Operations Analysis is similar to a hotel quality audit. But, instead of measuring customer experience; a Hotel Operations Analysis identifies problems on the back-end or operations of the hotel. The Hotel Operations Analysis will deal with employees.

The hotel operations consultant will identify whether the employees are well cared for. They will also identify whether they are supporting the mission of the hotel.

Hotel Operations Analysis and Customer Touch Points

The Hotel Operations Analysis will review customer touch points to identify where the hotel is excelling in its operations. They will identify where there is room to grow as well. The consultant will get down to the root causes and strategize a plan to help you fix them.

What happens after the Hotel Quality Assurance & Hotel Operations Analysis?

The Cayuga Hospitality consultant will develop a report detailing Hotel Quality Assurance findings. They will then submit the consultant’s report and professional Hotel Operations Analysis.

After submitting the final report, your consultant will lead a webinar with the client. In the webinar they will review the findings/recommendations and agree on next steps as appropriate.

What is the cost of a Quality Assurance Audit and Operations Analysis?

Pricing is dependent on the size and complexity of your hotel. Cayuga Hospitality Consultants provides this service for all tiers within the hotel industry.  These include select service to luxury full service hotels and resorts. We will customize the service to your individual property needs. We make every effort to work within your budget requirements.

Why Do I Need a Hotel Quality Assurance Audit?

A Hotel Quality Assurance audit provides an unbiased review of your hotel. Not only that, it provides you with insights from a professional eye and weeds out the loud voices. By loud voices, we are referring to guests who have an outlier response to your hotel.

Loud Voice Impact on Business

A good example of a loud voice is a 1-star online guest review that may have been triggered by something minor; or the opposite, where a guest leaves a 5-star review that was reliant on something minor. These are loud voices and if not careful, listening to these voices and allowing them to dictate your business decisions can end up hurting you.

Why Cayuga Hospitality?

Cayuga Hospitality is a network of experienced lodging and hospitality consultants. They have multi-disciplinary expertise and notable hands-on experience in the hospitality industry.

Our hotel and hospitality consultants provide practical, profit-oriented advisory services across a broad range of hospitality property types and business models

When you engage Cayuga Hospitality Consultants you are engaging professionals who understand your business. They will provide you with insights that will make a difference.

Contact Cayuga Hospitality to learn how our Hotel Quality Assurance Audit and Hotel Operations Analysis can help you today.

Meet Our Hotel Quality Assurance & Hotel Operations Analysis Consultants

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Expert Witness, Foodservice Operations

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Asset Management & Valuations

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IT Systems Design & Technology

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Ethics, Compliance, Anti-Fraud

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Engineering, MEP Review, CapEx Planning

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Asset Management/PIP/Project Management

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Stephanie Smith

Hotel Digital Marketing & Social Media

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Haydn Kramer

Hotel Sales and Global Sales

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Asset Management, Acquisition Strategies

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Chuck Simikian

HR Consultant, Trainer, Interim Director

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Hospitality, Theme Parks, Zoological

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F&B Concept Development & Management

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Independent Resort Ops & Development

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Nightclub and Dram Shop Expert

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Restaurant & Club Operations, PR, Branding

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Fraud Investigations & Prevention

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FF&E Project Planning and Management

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Ken Widmaier

Asset Mgmt, Operations, LOI/HMA Review

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Total Revenue Management & Task Force

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Independent Hotel Coaching

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Hospitality Branding and Marketing

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