Financial and Accounting Consulting Services

Cayuga’s consultants are skilled in financial analysis of operations and debt/equity matters, performing fraud investigations, internal control reviews, accounting support, due diligence and investment analysis for hotels, resorts, restaurants or other hospitality businesses. Our experts bring experience, resources and strategies to benefit owners and operators.

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Financial Consulting Services

Cayuga’s financial advisory work spans independent operations, multi-unit and large mixed-use developments.
Working with owners to define their existing asset or purchasing goals, our experts embark on rigorous analysis of property and market dynamics, including reliable proformas and conclusions to add impact and value to an asset or support hotel asset valuation and pricing.

With the ability to coordinate comprehensive studies to establish educated assumptions for future potential, Cayuga’s financial consultants are also able to guide existing owners through refinancing, debt restructuring, hotel receivership and other hotel financing strategies.

Hospitality Accounting Consulting Services

Hospitality accounting services play a critical role in the success of hotels, restaurants, country clubs, catering businesses and more.
Hospitality business owners and operators have relied on Cayuga’s experts for their analytical skills and guidance with their accounting systems and controls.
Our accounting and financial consultants are able to analyze a hotel or restaurant’s performance against a plan and market conditions, create forecasts, and help senior management make tactical and strategic decisions. Accurate and timely evaluation of operating results prior to publishing annual reports for owners and investors can ensure all parties have confidence in year-end reports.

Governance and Investigative Services

Cayuga consultants respond to allegations involving accounting and financial irregularities, ethics and compliance issues and many types of occupational fraud unique to the hospitality industry. We address a variety of accounting and control issues, analyze and reconstruct books, perform investigative interviews, aide and assist with law enforcement for referrals for prosecution and recovery from insurance carriers.

We apply years of auditing and forensic experience in assisting owners and property managers in maintaining an effective governance model and provide services around reviewing and assessing the internal control policies and procedures and the execution thereon.

Meet Our Financing Services Consultants

Tom Lambrecht

Debt Restructuring, Loan Packaging

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Dan Voellm

Asset Management & Valuations

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Walter O'Connell

Hotel Valuation & Cost Segregation

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Charles Oswald

Asset Management, Acquisition Strategies

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Juliette Gust

Ethics, Compliance, Anti-Fraud

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Simon Turner

Expert Witness, Asset Mgmt, Transactions

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Jennifer Dohrmann-Alpert

Market & Financial Feasibility Studies

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Ken Edwards

Receivership, Asset Management, Training

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Kevin Doyle

Fraud Investigations & Prevention

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Eric Rubino

Acquisitions/Investment/Deal Structuring

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