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Hotel Pricing and Revenue Management

Your hotel rooms are a perishable product and maximizing occupancy and rate are essential to achieve sustainable financial success. Hotel operators must be able to balance customer satisfaction along with pricing, and Cayuga Consultants possess decades of hands-on experience to help you define your unique challenges, establish goals and present effective and sustainable solutions.

Our experienced hotel pricing and revenue management consultants work with you to provide interim support when gaps in management occur. Not only that, if you have an onsite team in place, we will work with them effectively to get the project done. Cayuga’s hotel revenue management experts work closely with management to set competitive positioning, forecast future demand, maximize revenues, establish hotel pricing management and provide revenue management training.

Cayuga Consultants provide hotel inventory management guidance, aid in creating marketing budgets, advise on channel distribution and advertising, and introduce solutions for establishing pricing during seasonal market demand and more. Our expert pricing and revenue management consultants teach your team tactical and strategic demand management skills.

The world of OTA’s (online travel agencies) is vast and often confusing. Cayuga members are recognized as top experts in the field with decades of hands-on experience. Learning how to weigh the costs and benefits of marketing through these global distribution systems along with maintaining strong direct booking is essential. Learning to master distribution and channel management resources will build occupancy, rate and competitive positioning.

Cayuga’s hospitality consultants develop revenue management plans help to build customer loyalty that results in increased returns for owners and operators.

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Our Hospitality Sales, Marketing and Revenue Management Consultants

Susan Barry

Helping hotel owners achieve superior top line revenue performance through sales, marketing, and revenue strategy consulting, retainer engagements, and projects.

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Bill Carroll

Bill Carroll, Ph. D.

Actively engaged with hotel ownership groups, intermediaries and start-ups in the areas of revenue, pricing, and marketing management.

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Chekitan Dev

Chekitan Dev

Dr. Dev is the leading expert on hospitality branding and has served as an expert witness, workshop leader, consultant and keynote speaker for hospitality related firms all over the world.

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Luis Gallotti

Disruptive, forward thinking and innovative hotelier with 15 years in luxury hospitality, creating unique products and adding value for independent hotels in South America.

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Lily Mockerman

At TCRM and ThinkUp Enterprises we offer Revenue Management focused task force, consulting assessments, technology selection projects and thought leadership.

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Peter Van Allen

I help hotels develop guest-centric pricing of non-rooms services – parking, restaurant/bar, spa & ancillaries – to increase profit & guest satisfaction for the entire hotel.

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