The International Network of Hospitality Consulting Professionals

The hospitality industry grows ever-more complex and hiring an experienced asset manager or hotel asset management consultant has become an essential resource to owners, developers, investors, and operators in achieving their goals. Cayuga’s hotel, resort, restaurant, bar, and club experts bring decades of hands-on experience to their assignments.

With consulting resources, research, and techniques unique to each of our professionals, Cayuga’s experienced advisors provide comprehensive reviews of each unique property’s conditions and opportunities, and present recommendations to owners to help them navigate the issues impeding superior investment returns.

Whether preparing your asset for sale, considering transitioning to independent or another brand, or facing pressures from your financial and institutional partners, Cayuga’s asset management and hotel financial experts are here to assist you with your property’s specific needs.

What hotel asset management consulting services are you looking for?

Capital Planning (CapEx) & Project Management

Cayuga’s consultants provide skilled assessments and guidance to improve profitability and asset value.

Operations & Management Diagnosis

Cayuga’s consultants have hands-on experience bringing the knowledge to identify opportunities for improvement, and give guidance resulting in long-term success.

Financial Services

Cayuga’s consultants analyze opportunities and investments, and add sound insight to achieve the goals of the investor.

Brand Services & Operator Selection

Knowing from their own personal experience, Cayuga’s consultants assist owners on ensuring wise brand selection, negotiation and implementation process.

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Property Acquisitions and Sales

While preparing for a sale, or evaluating possible acquisitions, developing a clear picture of the property’s CapEx needs is a critical part of maximizing sales proceeds, or minimizing purchase costs. Another challenge is the type of properties you own. CapEx solutions for hotels, for example, are going to be different than the solutions for a private golf club.

Operations & Management Diagnosis Consulting Services

Our asset management consultants add focus and provide strategic direction to your goals and objectives. We are able to represent your interests in dealing with franchisors, managers and other parties. Find help with even the most complex operations and management issues that need to be solved for long-term stability and success. Our consultants are armed with the knowledge and skills to identify opportunities for improvement.

Brand Selection Consulting Services

Using the latest in award-winning research in hotel branding services and thought leadership on this topic, Cayuga’s brand selection consultants help you create and manage brands for increased customer loyalty, market advantage and profitability. Knowing from their own personal experience, our consultants are able to assist you on matching and managing the contracting process to ensure a seamless brand operator selection.

Exit Strategy Development Consulting Services

Cayuga’s consultants can help you develop a robust plan to exit your property at a timely manner to help you maximize your investment or minimize loss. Even if you are not planning on selling your property, having a plan in place could help you save money if tragedy strikes. Our exit strategy development experts can holistically help you plan an exit for your property that analyzes each of the potential situations that you may encounter.

Financial Planning and Solutions

Whether evaluating land use issues, financial viability, mergers, acquisitions, contracts/agreements, strategic tax planning or determining whether an investment meets your long term goals, Cayuga’s financial planning consultants will give you sound feedback in managing the complexities of your hospitality investment. We can help you find valuable insight for increasing the return and minimizing waste across your assets.

Hotel Valuation Consulting Services

Find a wealth of experience developing accurate and reliable evaluations for a large range of property types with one of our hotel valuation consultants. Our team has developed investment models for a wide variety of hospitality projects nationally and internationally. Through practiced analysis of market conditions, and review of development and business goals, our consultants will give you objective evaluation and opinions.

Repositioning and Redevelopment

Considering a repositioning and redevelopment is a daunting task for most hotel owners and operators. Doing a repositioning and redevelopment, however, could be exactly what your property needs to reach its future profit goals. Cayuga consultants are experienced in evaluation of CapEx requirements associated with property repositioning, redevelopment and rebranding to help maximize your return on investment.