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Hospitality Risk Management

Cayuga Hospitality Consultants are experienced in assessing an overall operation and its facilities to develop plans and actions to avoid injury, financial loss and litigation. From ensuring that a property’s insurance coverage meets the highest standards and widest range of potential liabilities, while at the same time protecting the owner’s costs associated with the policies, to evaluating an operation’s policies and procedures, Cayuga consultants possess years of experience and have performed countless advisory services to hotel, resorts, restaurants and commercial foodservice operations, spas and clubs and casino operations.

Owners and operators must have comprehensive security training, recovery plans, data and network back-up procedures, and information security breach management policies to name just a few of today’s emerging business challenges. Cayuga’s hospitality risk management consultants have the knowledge to assist in developing these and other tools to manage unforeseen operational and reputational issues that may arise from incidents of business interruption or failure.

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Hotel Security Management

Terrorist attacks and threats against the hospitality industry, whether large international chains or individual properties, have grown alarmingly since 9/11. By attacking soft targets (targets that are not major public or government centers or sites) terrorists have improved their chances to achieve their objectives which include inflicting higher numbers of causalities, causing extensive property damage, and undermining the well-being and public morale of local, as well as national populations.

The hospitality and tourism industries, which in this case refer to hotels, malls (including large complexes such as gaming/mall/hotel complexes etc.), mega-events and transportation services, are certainly natural targets: the effects of attacks on such sites are obvious and far-reaching. A well-placed bomb in a hotel lobby could cause much more damage and casualties than an airborne bomb.

Israel’s Former National Police Commissioner, Assaf Heffet, believes that utilizing state-of-the-art technologies in conjunction with improved, modern securities measures and approaches does in fact improve overall security in addition to addressing terrorism concerns. He recommends a professional security assessment should be conducted at each individual site by a qualified company. The company should have experience and expertise in the hospitality industry. Plans should be cost effective, prioritized, and implemented in stages to cover all aspects of an overall security program.

Israeli experience that demonstrates how improved security systems and programs can be implemented cost-effectively utilizing existing budgets without major investments.

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Our Hospitality Risk Management Consultants

Thomas Cleary

I provide commercial business insurance and risk management to hospitality and real estate businesses. I make insurance simple.

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Robert Gary Dodds

Decades of experience as a VP Human Resources, and 50 years working with global and regional brands in luxury to full-service Hotels in the Asia Pacific, The Americas, Europe, and the Middle East and Africa regions, as well as the Caribbean and Latin America.

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Kevin Doyle

Hospitality fraud investigator (recovering millions) and internal control/compliance consultant specializing in developing and assessing fraud prevention and internal controls for hotels.

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Juliette Gust

Ethics and Compliance, Anti-Fraud and Anti-Corruption, and Global Internal Investigations program development and implementation specialist.

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Walter O'Connell

Valuation and Cost Segregation Professional – Providing Accredited Real & Personal Property Valuations and Quality Tax Saving Cost Segregation Services to the Hospitality Industry.

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Greg Riehle

A multi-faceted leader with extensive chief executive and legal experience in hospitality operations and risk management/insurance, expert witness, mediation, arbitration and dispute resolution.

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