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10 Questions to Ask Before The Next Travel Recession Strikes

Chuck Kelley
A graphic of a profits chart that is up trending then takes a down turn.

Have you thought about the next travel recession or are you just enjoying the good times? Get Your Contingency Plan Ready For a Crisis We know the hotel business is cyclical, so why are we always surprised when it is upon us? How many hotel recessions have you been through? Personally, I have lost count. […]

8 Reasons Why Hotels Should Offer Valet Parking

Peter Van Allen

Would you like to transform your hotel’s parking to become a highly profitable part of your hotel that attracts additional customers and revenue and improves your customer satisfaction? Expanding your valet parking can help you increase your hotel’s parking revenue, profit and customer satisfaction.

10 High-Level Hotel Digital Marketing KPIs for GMs and Sales Teams

Stephanie Smith
digital marketing

You don’t have to be a digital marketing expert to look at high level reports and find trends for your hotel.  Briefly review monthly reports and start asking better questions of your vendors, partners and team.  If you don’t have someone on your team with the skill set to dive deeper, find someone who does. Here are 10 high level KPIs to analyze when you are not a digital marketing expert good for a General Manager or Director of Sales to keep handy.

Transformational Leadership in the Restaurant Industry

Alan Someck
Transformational Leadership in the Restaurant Industry

In looking at all the factors affecting the business, a strong case can be made that highly effective leadership is the primary determiner of restaurant success.  This article proposes a path of transformational leadership for restaurant entrepreneurs to adopt as a way to maximize their chance for success.

How to Make Your Brand Stand Out

Cara Federici

Seems easy, right?  Pick a cool name, design a stellar logo, and you’re good to go.  Wouldn’t it be nice if it was that simple?  Building a successful strategy to make your brand stand out is actually quite complex.  It is an in-depth, multi-faceted process comprised of significant research, extensive Q&A, connecting hypotheticals and tangibles, […]

 Restaurant and Hotel Safety: Preventing and Managing Accidents and Incidents

Alan Someck
restaurant and hotel safety: preventing and managing accidents and inury

When it comes to restaurant and hotel safety, hospitality owners must be proactive in addressing the threats to their business. In terms of preventing and managing accidents and incidents, this means developing and implementing a system of safeguards that minimize exposure. This article will focus on accidents and incidents due to slips and falls, cuts and burns and foreign objects found in food.

Digital Marketing Timeline for New Hotel Opening

Stephanie Smith

A new hotel opening or changing of flags has so many moving parts. As an owner or manager overseeing this transition, you are likely wearing multiple hats. Here is a hotel digital marketing timeline for opening hotels to ensure you are building your website presence and a healthy channel mix that has reduced OTA dependency later down […]