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The Trifecta of Lodging Acquisition Studies

Congratulations! You have acquired a new Lodging Property. After months, or years, of due diligence, you have finally closed on your newly acquired Lodging Property. During the due diligence process, and calculating the bid price ($), it is likely your Acquisition Team focused on assts, liabilities, capital, room type, room count, room rates, length of […]

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Loosing Money

Bonus Depreciation Fading Away

Bonus Depreciation is fading away over the next 5 years. With the help of the IRS Section 179 Deduction and still powerful Bonus Depreciation, lodging Owners can save thousands of dollars in federal income tax savings in 2022 and beyond. IRS Section 179 Depreciation Section 179 of the United States Internal Revenue Code (26 U.S.C. § 179), allows a taxpayer to elect […]

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Cayuga Hospitality Consultant Event Experts

Cayuga Hospitality Consultants Discuss Future of Events

Cayuga Hospitality Consultants got together with other members to talk about their area of expertise, projects, and work as well as current topics around the events industry. Expert participation from the moderator, Susan Barry of Hive Marketing and Top Floor Podcast plus Joe Cozza of JVC Cons Catering and Event Consulting, and David Adler of […]

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Leading Through True Adversity, A Brooklyn Hotel Story

Just Our Normal Routine Our Tuesday started at the only full service hotel in downtown Brooklyn, Sam Ibrahim the General Manager and David Salcfas, Director of Hotel Sales at the time were making their property rounds.  All of the guest rooms were one hundred percent occupied and meeting space was booked to capacity.  After completing […]

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Hotel Sales & Marketing: The Modern Landscape

When COVID 19 broke out it disrupted travel patterns like never before. For the first time in a very long time consumers were afraid to travel, not out of a fear for their safety in the traditional sense, but for fear of being around other human beings. People did not want to be around people […]

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How Generation Age Groups Impact Hospitality

Previously, we tied together how employee culture and the employee links in the service profit chain.  The total employee experience drives customer satisfaction, loyalty, and business bottom profitability. The trends in the hospitality industry drive customer loyalty, repeat business, and business referral.    These actions result in higher occupancy, revenue, flow-through, profit, and ROI to investors. […]

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Hospitality Customer Service

The Unsung Heroes of Hotel Food & Beverage

The unprecedented exodus of hospitality workers in the Great Resignation has created gaping holes in the daily schedules of hotel restaurants across the country. This has left remaining team members and managers ill equipped to handle the growing demand. Our industry is scratching its head trying to figure out where everyone has gone and why […]

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The Gen Z Dilemma

Imagine, 50 years ago, walking in to your manager’s office asking them whether you can work from home for a week? Or during an annual review (if any) you raise some concerns about your work-life balance and that your personal life is affected by the workload on your shoulders. Or as a customer,  you ask your supplier about their “Go Green” policy, or charity and social responsibility. activities?

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