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What the Millennial told me about Hotels…Dude!

Haydn Kramer
Millennial hotel guests

How to gain loyal millennial hotel guests – or guests of any generation? It’s about genuine humility in service, impeccable cleanliness, creative thoughtful design, authentic knowledge of your neighborhood, and the guest, who is the purpose of our enterprise, our livelihood, and why we love hotels.

Take Your Guest Reservations Back Offline

Jay Hartz
book direct

How can we as hoteliers drive more guests to book direct which is our most profitable booking channel? The relationship between OTAs and hoteliers isn’t a perfect marriage but there are ways to make the best of it and put more money back in our pockets!

Service, Profit or Both? It’s All About the Balance

Chuck Kelley
service excellence

Hotel service excellence is an integral part of your success and it can be the differentiating factor. The point is that you can’t win with service alone; you have to get the other parts right as well. To be successful, the operator must understand his or her customer expectations, and consistently meet and exceed those expectations.