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How Generation Age Groups Impact Hospitality

Previously, we tied together how employee culture and the employee links in the service profit chain.  The total employee experience drives customer satisfaction, loyalty, and business bottom profitability. The trends in the hospitality industry drive customer loyalty, repeat business, and business referral.    These actions result in higher occupancy, revenue, flow-through, profit, and ROI to investors. […]

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The Gen Z Dilemma

Imagine, 50 years ago, walking in to your manager’s office asking them whether you can work from home for a week? Or during an annual review (if any) you raise some concerns about your work-life balance and that your personal life is affected by the workload on your shoulders. Or as a customer,  you ask your supplier about their “Go Green” policy, or charity and social responsibility. activities?

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Six Golden Mantras for Managing Human Resources Post-Covid

Pivoting into the new hospitality normal is something that never in my thirty plus year hospitality career would I have envisioned where we are today. Since graduating college and accepting my first opportunity in Boston would I have thought that so many individuals including myself would be so negatively impacted as we had to think […]

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3 Ways to Calculate Valuation for a Hotel Appraisal

When buying or selling a hotel, there are many steps to conducting a hotel appraisal.  Previously, we highlighted the needed market research including environment, supply/demand, location and highest and best use in our guide to practical hotel appraisals. Once this analysis has been completed and projected income and expense calculations have been made, a licensed […]

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How Much Is Your Property Worth?,Written,On,Chalkboard

A Practical Guide to Hotel Appraisals

As hotel lodging performance continues to recover from the effects of Covid-19, there have been increasing signs that investors are again buying, selling or refinancing of hotel assets. This comes sometimes in spite of mixed messages as to the speed and strength of this recovery. Hotel Appraisals & Expectations A key fundamental of these transactional […]

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Books at Beach Resort

3 Lessons Learned doing Task Force at a Resort in 2021

A recent task force assignment sent me to a high end resort in Florida as Food & Beverage Manager.  While there still are plenty of challenges to be met during this recovery period in the industry, there are also many encouraging signs of a strong rebounding process. I was particularly touched by the grit and […]

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