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Site Selection, Land Use & Planning

Cayuga Hospitality Consultants have decades of experience guiding developers in both small-scale and complex and multi-faceted projects and provide realistic possibilities and conclusions for a property.

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Below, learn about our Site Selection or Land Use Planning Consulting services. You can also learn about building an emerging destination.
Cayuga consultants have expert proficiency in managing the intricacies of:
  • Land planning
  • Architectural and engineering professionals
  • Legal concerns
  • Permitting and local regulatory agencies
  • And many other components needed to bring a developer’s vision to reality

Hotel Site Selection Services

Cayuga consultants will always keep your long-term view in mind by studying a site’s:
  • Demographics
  • Location
  • Visibility
  • Access
  • Competition and mix of business nearby
  • Existence of demand generators and other factors
Our hotel development experts present clear evidence and interpretations for project viability.

Hotel Land Use Planning Consultants

Experienced in ownership and operations of hotels, resorts, clubs, restaurants and bars, Cayuga consultants bring unique and relevant perspectives to each project.

Whether you are in need of guidance in restaurant conceptualization, hotel project management, or sales and marketing direction, our consultants know first-hand how to plan for:
  • Guest experience
  • Provide advice for design for operational efficiencies
  • Yield investor returns
  • And long-range success
Preparing conclusive development recommendations backed by comprehensive economic and sensitivity to risk analyses are required for any successful project. With decades of experience, you can be confident that guidance from our team will ensure practical and reliable counsel for development, re-development, or adaptive reuse.

Should You Build in an Emerging Destination?

With more people traveling and more spending occurring at destinations, tourism offers an attractive option for economic development. This is particularly true for emerging market destinations where employment opportunities are limited. But, this option comes with strings attached: without planning and management by public authorities, local businesses and communities, tourism can easily transform once appealing places into noisy, crowded, polluted, inhospitable and ultimately uncompetitive destinations. While it is certainly possible and sometimes profitable to operate a hospitality business in an unappealing environment, logic dictates that when visitors feel more comfortable at a destination, they will spend more money there. Hospitable, well-managed surroundings do boost local development, employment and business.
Emerging destinations are often resource-challenged short on necessary human resources, management systems, technology and budget — to compete effectively and efficiently.

When it comes to location development, destinations with deep pocket budgets can afford a “Field of Dreams” – “if you build it, they will come” – approach to developing such an environment. But, very few locations have this luxurious option. Instead, most competitive and economically successful destinations develop based on careful planning and community consensus coordinated and managed by Destination Management Organizations (DMOs).
Destination Management Organizations (DMOs) are like a honeycomb or Field of Dreams, if you build then they will come.
DMOs help hotels, restaurants, attractions and tourist-related places, whether in well-established or emerging market destinations, compete more efficiently and profitably.
Whether these DMOs are organized in private, public or partnerships structures, they can utilize a range of tools to promote, track and manage a destination’s competitive position. From visitor surveys to an assortment of internet and cloud-based e-tourism solutions, DMOs can leverage tools that maximize a destination’s profits, revenue and community benefits, while minimizing costs across attractions and businesses.

Meet Our Site Selection, Land Use & Planning Consultants

Jon Peck

Acquisition Advisory & Asset Management

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Peter Van Allen

Non-Rooms and Rooms Pricing Strategies

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Stewart Kiely

Design/Project Management/Sustainability

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Frank Schuetzendorf

Food & Beverage Concept Development

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Javier Leon

Engineering, MEP Review, CapEx Planning

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Charles Oswald

Asset Management, Acquisition Strategies

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Sean Skellie

Hotel Development & Marketing Analysis

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Simon Turner

Expert Witness, Asset Mgmt, Transactions

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Preston Rideout

Nightclub and Dram Shop Expert

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Jennifer Dohrmann-Alpert

Market & Financial Feasibility Studies

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Perry Smith

Restaurant & Club Operations, PR, Branding

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Dan Voellm

Asset Management & Valuations

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Ken Edwards

Receivership, Asset Management, Training

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Bill Callnin

Casino Consulting Services

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Alan Someck

Expert Witness, Foodservice Operations

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Ted Torres

Development & Construction Management

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James Miles

Independent Resort Ops & Development

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