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Cayuga Hospitality Consultants have decades of experience in leadership roles in virtually all segments of the hospitality industry including:

Hotel Investment Advisory Consulting

Our professionals have a deep understanding of the issues that owners, financial institutions, and operators are facing. Whether you are seeking to invest in a single property or a multi-unit acquisition, our professionals are able to:

  • Provide hotel evaluations
  • Make recommendations on the market and location
  • Review current branding and offer solutions for hotel brand conversion 
  • Advise up-branding or repositioning
  • Assist with franchise negotiations and contract review work with land planners, architects and designers
  • And evaluate hotel management company performance with recommendations for improvement or alternatives

Hotel Property Evaluation Consulting

When you evaluate whether to buy a project, rigorous due diligence is required. Our asset experts are fiscally and strategically focused. 

Even if you have no understanding of how to evaluate the purchase of a hotel project, our consultants are able to help you with: 

  • Analyzing opportunities for hotel revenue enhancement and maximizing returns
  • Preparing property condition reports 
  • CapEx/PIP reviews and plans for replacement and renovations
  • Project management
  • Financial forecasting
  • Assistance with closing due diligence and hotel opinions of value
  • Trusted guidance from our advisors 

How to buy a distressed hotel?

There are several operating costs to consider when buying a hotel.The distressed hotel deal: a property that is generally well-located, in good condition, well-managed, and expertly marketed that was over-financed and cannot meet its debt service requirements. While the tsunami of distressed properties that some expected may not develop, more high-leverage CMBS loans are coming due and lenders are becoming more aggressive about foreclosure, so more “distressed hotels” will become available. Prices will be well below replacement, cost and cap rates higher. The challenge is choosing the deal with the most significant upside potential and offering the best return.

Five steps to identify and buy a distressed hotel

  1. Examine the Market for Distressed Hotel
  2. Review the property and its historical performance
  3. Perform an expert property condition assessment
  4. Identify revenue opportunities and net operating income
  5. Create a financial model

Questions to Ask When Buying a Hotel

How much does it cost to own a hotel?

There are several operating costs to consider when buying a hotel. The beginning stages of purchasing a hotel in the United States averages around $25,000,000. Luxury hotels are much higher priced. Staffing and utilities must also be considered. Maintenance fees are also an ongoing expense while running a hotel. All of these expenses could keep you from turning a profit for years if you are not ready for them.

How much does it cost to own a hotel franchise?

Starting a hotel franchise can be more costly than owning your own hotel brand. On top of normal hotel expenses mentioned above, you will also pay franchise fees. These can include initial franchise fees, ongoing franchise fees such as royalty fees, and advertising fees. Initial franchise fees average in the hundreds of thousands of dollars. Ongoing franchise costs vary widely. It is important to be aware of these costs before considering a hotel franchise.

Can I secure financing for a hotel?

Depending on your experience with operating a hotel, you may need an asset management company to manage your hotel before you can secure financing. Financing fees can add up so be mindful of these when considering how long it will take your hotel to become profitable.

How much is a down payment for purchasing a hotel?

In order to buy a hotel, you will need at least 20% of the purchase price. This percentage is similar to other real estate down payments, such as buying a home for example.

Is the hotel property complaint and up to code?

Compliance and being up to code are very important. The last thing you want to have happen after opening a new hotel is to have it be shut down while you prepare for inspections.

With longstanding relationships with hospitality investors and institutions, Cayuga’s professionals work with buyers to establish clear financing goals, assist with producing due diligence materials, and help hotel buyers in attaining the fairest terms.

Our Buyer Advisory Consultants

Katie Benson

Hospitality professional with extensive international operational, development and asset management experience with assignments in Asia Pacific, Middle East, Europe, UK, USA.

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Joseph Cozza

Leadership experience in catering sales and event operations. Expertise in creating actionable plans that drive sales, event excellence, and profit. Focus on quality, accountability, and results.

View Profile

Stephen Dietrich

Providing actionable pro-active client advisory services in key areas designed to improve asset value.

View Profile

Ken Edwards

Expert in Receivership Management. Visionary hotelier with 20+ years experience building, operating and developing hotels throughout the country, and disruptive approach towards future of hospitality.

View Profile

Steve Heitzner

Hospitality sales & marketing expert - advising clients on strategic & tactical imperatives designed to maximize top line revenues. Develop innovative sales, marketing & revenue strategies to drive profitable growth.

View Profile

Mark Keith

Mark can reveal root cause & solutions underperforming hotels or companies. Replace or transform leaders. Simplify structure or hierarchy. Reset company culture. Shift KPI’s to what’s important for results that matter.

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Tom Lambrecht

Has managed over $230 Million in debt relief and or restructure. Expert in feasibility & marketing studies, loan packaging, budget & marketing plans for debt restructure.

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Jim Lopolito

Jim is a veteran of the restaurant, country club (clubs), catering & concert industries offering expert consulting assistance in developing operational performance, cost accounting, extraordinary teams, and molding profitable hospitality businesses.

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Walter O'Connell

Valuation and Cost Segregation Professional – Providing Accredited Real & Personal Property Valuations and Quality Tax Saving Cost Segregation Services to the Hospitality Industry.

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Jon Peck

Proven track record with all all aspects of hotel acquisition and development.

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Michael Pleninger

Cayuga's only Total Service Hotel Management Company

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Preston Rideout

I'm a Nightclub and Bar Consultant with 24 years of experience. Resorts, Hotels, Casinos, Restaurants, Nightclubs, and Bars retain my services because I am a Nightclub and Bar Expert

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Greg Riehle

A multi-faceted leader with extensive chief executive and legal experience in hospitality operations and risk management/insurance, expert witness, mediation, arbitration and dispute resolution.

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Gus Sader

Hospitality management executive with extensive experience in full-service luxury Hotels, Clubs, Castles, & Assisted Living offering asset management, turnaround, strategic marketing to maximize guest experience & profitability.

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Frank Schuetzendorf

Food & Beverage professional, focusing on operational design, service excellence and customer experience mapping. Senior Lecturer at Glion Institute of Higher Education + Essec Business School, Paris.

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Sean Skellie

Expertise in hotel development consulting, market analysis & feasibility to communities & developers. Our focus on boutique hotels & soft brand affiliation with Marriott sets Grey Hospitality apart.

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Dan Voellm

Asia-Pacific hospitality real estate expert - advising clients on critical decisions throughout the asset life-cycle. Combining a macro perspective with an attention for detail, strong analytical skills and strategic thinking.

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Shirley Whelan

F&B professional with specific expertise in concept development, beverage programming, and operations as they apply to hotels, resorts, restaurants, bars, and retail food markets.

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