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Jim Lopolito

Jim Lopolito

Monroe, New York

Jim is a veteran of the restaurant, country club, catering & concert industries offering expert assistance with club management consulting, restaurant consulting, and other foodservice development.

Key Consulting Services

  • Restaurant Consulting and other Food Service Entities
  • Country Club Consulting for Golf/Pool/Clubhouse Operations
  • Catering Business Consulting
  • Management & Staff Development
  • Financial Review


LOPOLITO HOSPITALITY CONSULTANTS offers a variety of restaurant consulting and private club operations consulting services, including our proprietary “Expense Loss Review” program.

Restaurants and other food and beverage businesses can rely upon our listening skills. We want to hear your concerns and help you address improvements to your operations. We provide professional consulting and evaluation services to large and small businesses with needs and concerns in food service, instruction, recipe costing and menu creation, job description writing, or a complete review of procedures to understand the areas working for you and against you and how these conditions affect your profits.

Private Clubs may call upon LHC to work alongside their boards or management teams to build upon operational areas or to view new projects with them. We understand that our role is not to disrupt current management or the operations of a club, but to offer an outside evaluation of alternatives or improvements for you to consider. Our review services can address any of your concerns, and we understand the privacy of your club and how important our professionalism needs to be with the staff and membership.

Our proprietary ELR program reviews the operational aspects of your business that you want to learn more about. From this information, we build a report that offers the well-run areas along with the deficient areas of your business.


Jim has been consulting to organizations since early 2000 but went out on his own in 2014. He has worked as an executive chef and general manager in restaurants, country clubs, and catering to well-known organizations throughout New York. His background includes 12 years in restaurants, 19 years in private clubs, and 10 years in high-end catering and concert production.

Each position transition shaped Jim as someone capable of assessing difficult situations and in turn making his decisions appear easy by those watching and learning from him. Jim was a Board of Director for eleven years with the City of New York Club Managers Association as Vice President, Secretary/Treasurer, Membership Chair, and Public Affairs Chair.

Jim is also a mechanic, which began at an early age on vehicles and airplanes, and this assisted in his extensive understanding of facilities repair and maintenance. He has also coordinated the unification of IT networks and updated POS systems and offers extensive advice in all areas of a hospitality business.

Professional & Other

Jim is a current Board of Director with Dining Safety Alliance.

Certified Club Manager, Club Managers Association of America (CMAA)
Certified Executive Chef, American Culinary Federation (ICA-ACF)
Certified Fire Training-191-Technical Rescue & Rappelling Procedures
Certified in Automated External Defibrillation (AED)
Certified Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR)
Serve-Safe Sanitation Course, Food and Beverage Association.

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