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Perry Smith

Restaurant & Club Operations, PR, Branding

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Connor Vanderholm

Total Revenue Management & Task Force

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Walter O'Connell

Hotel Valuation & Cost Segregation

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Dr. Chekitan Dev

Hospitality Branding and Marketing

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Dan Voellm

Asset Management & Valuations

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Juliette Gust

Ethics, Compliance, Anti-Fraud

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Michael Pleninger

Hotel Development & Management

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Cory Falter

Supplier and Hotel B2B Sales & Marketing

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Stewart Kiely

Design/Project Management/Sustainability

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Bill Callnin

Casino Consulting Services

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Jim Lopolito

Restaurant, Catering & Country Club

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Susan Barry

Commercial Strategy

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Peter Van Allen

Non-Rooms and Rooms Pricing Strategies

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Joseph Cozza

Catering Sales & Event Operations

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Jennifer Dohrmann-Alpert

Market & Financial Feasibility Studies

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Eric Rubino

Acquisitions/Investment/Deal Structuring

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Jeff Foster

Hospitality, Theme Parks, Zoological

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Alan Someck

Expert Witness, Foodservice Operations

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Charles Oswald

Asset Management, Acquisition Strategies

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