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Litigation Support Services

Cayuga Consultants know that avoiding litigation is almost always the best route to preventing unexpected outcomes, reducing costs of disputes, avoiding potential proprietary information being exposed to the public, limiting the time and disruption of lengthy court proceedings, and when possible retaining valuable relationships between the parties.

Cayuga Members offer many years of ownership and executive roles in hotels/resorts, food & beverage and commercial foodservice, spas, clubs the areas of market research, feasibility, development, franchising and brand management, operations, construction and engineering, employment, insurance, contract negotiation, accounting, marketing, valuations, brokerage and more. Our Consultant’s research capabilities and knowledge of industry standards and trends make them uniquely qualified to provide litigation support to all types of hospitality industry clients.

Along with hospitality experience, our Consulting members also include professional attorneys with hotel industry expertise, arbitrators and certified mediation experts. We also have among our consulting membership persons who are well-suited to make expert determination for parties who simply need to submit a technical matter for the third party for a determination that will avert litigation.

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Expert Witness & Legal Advisory

Cayuga consultant’s knowledge of industry standards and trends, make them uniquely qualified to provide litigation support, and provide expert testimony in a variety of situations.

Contract Review & Negotiations

Cayuga’s consultants have experience as owners, operators and legal advisors and are uniquely qualified to guide in the complexities of contractual processes.

Dispute Resolution & Mediation

Cayuga’s consultants, with their keen understanding of the industry are expert in helping to find successful resolution to hospitality related controversies.

Expert Determination

Cayuga’s consultants are knowledgeable of a vast number of very narrow areas of expertise allowing them to be ideal Expert Determiners when required in dispute resolution.

Risk Management & Insurance

Cayuga Hospitality Consultants include attorneys with specific experience in the hospitality industry, dispute resolution experts, engineering and facilities management professionals, and insurance specialists to ensure developers, owners and operators have the necessary support through the development process.