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Hospitality Dispute Resolution

Cayuga Hospitality Consultant’s professional hospitality dispute resolution experts and trained mediators bring the parties together for purposeful dialogue, in a confidential setting, and calm environment so that with the assistance of a trusted expert, the parties can craft a resolution themselves. Using our Consultant’s relevant experience can aid in bringing resolution, especially because of their understanding of the unique issues and disputant positions in the hospitality industry related controversy.

Arbitration is a legally binding, usually non-appealable decision that is rendered by an arbitrator or panel of arbitrators. They serve the function of a judge or panel of judges, but provide a more efficient, faster and industry-specific legal process for resolution of more complex disputes. Our Consulting Members include experienced arbitrators who have been involved in such disputes and are recognized not only for industry expertise, but also for their ‘judicial temperament’.

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Our Hospitality Dispute Resolution Consultants

Katherine Moulton

Katherine Moulton

Katie specializes in both operational guidance and dispute resolution/mediation services to the hospitality and related industries.

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Greg Riehle

A multi-faceted leader with extensive chief executive and legal experience in hospitality operations and risk management/insurance, expert witness, mediation, arbitration and dispute resolution.

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