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Cayuga Hospitality Consultants can provide owners and operators an expert third-party diagnosis of cash and capital management, procurement advisory services, organizational and workforce management, supplier product development and sales, and market analysis.

Our sharply focused experts can:
  • Provide business valuation services
  • Identify operational inefficiencies
  • Detect opportunities and present comprehensive plans
  • Improve your processes and performance
With years of direct operations experience, Cayuga Financial Expert are able to advise owners and operators in areas of:
  • Accounting and controls Budgeting and forecasting
  • Competitive analysis
  • Capex planning and compliance audits
Decades of experience in procurement, supply chain services, identifying innovative products and services to enhance operational efficiencies and guest experience will guide suppliers in selling to hotel and restaurant operators by:
  • Assessing product or service market potential
  • Developing sales, training, and management strategies
  • Creating sales plan and marketing material
  • Explore Group Purchasing Organization and agreements
  • Guide products and services into the hospitality marketplace
Our team of experts is also on-hand to fill interim controller/CFO assignments.
Contact us to see how our hospitality business consulting services can help grow your company.

Meet Our Financial & Business Analysis Consultants

Stacy Moore

Foodservice Concepts & Strategies

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Bill Callnin

Casino Consulting Services

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Thomas Cleary

Insurance, Risk Management, Workers Comp

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Gary Isenberg

Hotel Owner Advocacy & Development

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Preston Rideout

Nightclub and Dram Shop Expert

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Dan Voellm

Asset Management & Valuations

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Susan Barry

Commercial Strategy

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Jeff Hope

Finance, Operations & Risk Management

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Shirley Whelan

F&B Concept Development & Management

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Fred Neuville

Chef, Restaurateur, Operations

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Walter O'Connell

Hotel Valuation & Cost Segregation

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James Miles

Independent Resort Ops & Development

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Frank Schuetzendorf

Food & Beverage Concept Development

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Tom Lambrecht

Debt Restructuring, Loan Packaging

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Stephen Lipinski

Restaurant Profitability, Expert Witness

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Kevin Doyle

Fraud Investigations & Prevention

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Sean Skellie

Hotel Development & Marketing Analysis

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Charles Oswald

Asset Management, Acquisition Strategies

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Juliette Gust

Ethics, Compliance, Anti-Fraud

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