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In cases of technical issues, management and operating agreements, mergers and acquisitions, vendor and service agreements, real estate and asset management, valuation and financial disputes, using a skilled professional with a very specific area of expertise can be the quickest and fairest path to resolution. Cayuga Hospitality Consultants offers its professionals as Expert Determiners, independent third-parties consented to and appointed by both sides in a dispute to provide binding decisions either on a stand-alone basis or within arbitration, mediation or other dispute resolution proceedings. Hotel Expert Determination is a confidential procedure. All of our Expert Determiners have years of experience in their individual disciplines and have knowledge that is relevant to and appropriate for the matter which the individual is being asked to decide.

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Our Consultants

Thomas Cleary

I provide commercial business insurance and risk management to hospitality and real estate businesses. I make insurance simple.

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Albert Pucciarelli

Experienced lawyer in the area of hotel and resort development and operations. Perfect for mediation, expert determination and arbitration of hotel-related issues.

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