Capital Planning (CapEx) & Project Management

Find CapEx consultants that specialize in property acquisitions and sales, PIP evaluation, repositioning and redevelopment, property or portfolio planning, project planning and project management, and deferred and emergency CapEx.

Cayuga’s consultants offer skilled guidance on planning and executing your properties’ capital expenditures.

Whether you are a hotel owner or manager considering a single property or an entire portfolio, Cayuga’s expert financial, facilities, procurement and logistics, and management consulting professionals can assist with all of your hospitality CapEx planning and implementation needs.

A good CapEx plan offers significant benefits to both owners and operators of hospitality assets:

  • Advance notice of property/portfolio capital funding needs
  • Coordination of property and portfolio investment cycle, acquisitions, and sales
  • Optimizing property market position and revenue potential
  • Optimizing property operational efficiency
  • Managing design, specification, procurement and delivery logistics
  • Lowering property risk (service disruption, equipment failure, life safety)
  • Harmonizing property stakeholder’s interests; owner, asset manager, operator
  • Optimizing CapEx project management and execution
  • Maximizing the return and minimizing the cost of CapEx
  • Audit of current CapEx plans and brand standards to improve performance and guest satisfaction
  • Review procurement practices and suppliers to optimize profitability

Find a CapEx Consultants that Specializes in the Following

PIP Evaluation Consulting Services

During the PIP assessment process many factors play a role in developing the plan, don’t risk being caught off guard with missed costly details. Our consultants can perform PIP (property improvement plan) evaluations along with property condition assessments that directly support the sales/acquisition process through property positioning and evaluation or development of purchase offers.

CapEx Project Planning and Project Management

Our subject matter consultants can help you plan and execute large, high-profile, or complex CapEx projects, from restaurant renovations to complete property redevelopment projects. Many factors need to be considered and not overlooked. Find help with setting project scope, scheduling, budgeting, design, engineering, contracting, direct project supervision and more.

Deferred and Emergency CapEx

Our CapEx consultants can quickly step in to assist with emergency and deferred CapEx projects, supplementing your project staff, or delivering turn-key project management. No hotel manager or owner looks forward to a crisis, but life happens. If you need interim staffing to assist with your immediate and urgent needs, our hospitality consultants are here to help relieve the stress of being understaffed.

Property or Portfolio CapEx Planning

Preparing a detailed CapEx plan for a single property, or developing an integrated CapEx planning process for your whole portfolio, should always be considered in order to keep up with modern trends in the hospitality industry.

Cayuga’s consultants can quickly improve your property or organization’s CapEx planning by helping guide you through the complicated process.

Seven steps for CapEx Planning

  1. Implement a Systems Based Continuous Process
  2. Support your continuous process with standards that help bring consistency
  3. Focus on Data Integrity and Design your system so that data resides in the appropriate system
  4. Choose a system and process that provides transparency across linked systems
  5. Look at the long-term view so the system captures all projects
  6. Make sure the system supports the review and approval process required by the Ownership
  7. The CapEx system and process should support portfolio-level planning by both the Management Company and Ownership 

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Meet Our Capital Planning (CapEx) & Project Management Consultants

Joanne Richardson

HVAC, Digital Bldg Tech, ESM Strategies

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Charis Atwood

FF&E Project Planning and Management

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Timothy O'Mara

F&B RFP Development, Project Feasibility

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Scott Brown

Audio Visual Services & Infrastructure

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Cara Federici

Branding, Marketing & Feasibility

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Frank Schuetzendorf

Food & Beverage Concept Development

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Jay Landfair

Asset Management/PIP/Project Management

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Greg Riehle

Legal, Risk Management, Arbitration

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Preston Rideout

Nightclub and Dram Shop Expert

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Walter O'Connell

Hotel Valuation & Cost Segregation

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Ken Widmaier

Asset Mgmt, Operations, LOI/HMA Review

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Simon Turner

Expert Witness, Asset Mgmt, Transactions

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Stewart Kiely

Design/Project Management/Sustainability

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Simon Fricker

Luxury Boutique Hotelier & Restaurateur

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Andrew Huzyk

IT Systems Design & Technology

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James Miles

Independent Resort Ops & Development

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Stephen Darling

Planning and Development Consulting

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Javier Leon

Engineering, MEP Review, CapEx Planning

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