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Operations & Management Diagnosis

Find consultants who have been owners, executive management, and hotel asset managers to deliver actionable advisory services and solutions that:

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Operations & Management Diagnosis Consulting Services

Cayuga’s consultants have been hotel and restaurant owners, senior executives, and seasoned operators of wide-ranging hospitality businesses and in virtually all sectors of service.
From evaluating hotel market positioning to analysis of sales, marketing, hotel receivership and service delivery, Cayuga’s experts can identify and guide owners to stabilize current operations and reveal opportunities to optimize revenue streams.
Do you have the right hotel management company operating your property? Do you have the right management team? Is the product delivery and customer service at the top end of the scale? Is the facility being operated and maintained sufficiently and efficiently? Each of these will affect property value.
Hotel Management agreements include an Illusory Performance Test which allows the hotel owner to terminate a management company that does not meet the standards of the performance test. If the owner is genuinely interested in having a meaningful performance test, the owner must think long and hard about what performance it wants to use as the test standard and what constitutes a failure of the test, and then negotiate hard to make the test meaningful and not an illusory cosmetic.
Having been where their clients are gives our advisors a clear understanding of the challenges facing today’s hospitality industry.

Operating Efficiencies Consulting Services

Our expert consultants can improve revenue by identifying areas where your hotel or property can reduce costs and increase efficiency by helping you to identify areas where improvements can be made that will lead to more revenue. Your hotel can benefit from efficiencies such as optimizing your supply chain, energy use, staff, and other operational expenses.

Profit and Loss Consulting Services

Doing a profit and loss (P&L) review of supplies and equipment can help improve your hotel or property’s revenue. This includes identifying areas where your hotel can increase prices, create new revenue streams, improve purchasing systems or supplier relationships, or discovery areas where your property can increase its marketing efforts.

Hotel Evaluations Consulting Services

Also known as secret shopper consulting services, can improve your revenue by identifying areas where your hotel is not meeting brand standards, cleanliness, safety, and other key performance indicators. By conducting in-depth evaluations, our consultants will discover areas where improvements are needed, and establish steps to address these issues.
Cayuga consultant’s impressive performance history in asset management assignments, managing dramatic turnarounds at underperforming properties, positioning properties for recovery or for disposition, and experience in receivership and foreclosure allow for reliable guidance to effectively navigate a myriad of issues for owners to make informed decision regarding their asset.

Meet Our Operations & Management Diagnosis Consultants

Charles Oswald

Asset Management, Acquisition Strategies

View Profile

Stacy Moore

Foodservice Concepts & Strategies

View Profile

Jeff Foster

Hospitality, Theme Parks, Zoological

View Profile

Simon Fricker

Luxury Boutique Hotelier & Restaurateur

View Profile

James Miles

Independent Resort Ops & Development

View Profile

Joanne Richardson

HVAC, Digital Bldg Tech, ESM Strategies

View Profile

James Samson

Food, Beverage, and Restaurants

View Profile

Preston Rideout

Nightclub and Dram Shop Expert

View Profile

Connor Vanderholm

Total Revenue Management & Task Force

View Profile

Cara Federici

Branding, Marketing & Feasibility

View Profile

Eric Rubino

Acquisitions/Investment/Deal Structuring

View Profile

Gary Isenberg

Hotel Owner Advocacy & Development

View Profile

Peter Van Allen

Non-Rooms and Rooms Pricing Strategies

View Profile

Juliette Gust

Ethics, Compliance, Anti-Fraud

View Profile

Don Farrell

Sales, Service & Leadership Training

View Profile

Joseph Cozza

Catering Sales & Event Operations

View Profile

Ken Edwards

Receivership, Asset Management, Training

View Profile

John Berndt

Operations & Asset Management

View Profile

Jim Lopolito

Restaurant, Catering & Country Club

View Profile

Michael Pleninger

Hotel Development & Management

View Profile

Jeff Hope

Finance, Operations & Risk Management

View Profile

Javier Leon

Engineering, MEP Review, CapEx Planning

View Profile

Rick Blackburn

Sales & Growth Strategies

View Profile

Stewart Kiely

Design/Project Management/Sustainability

View Profile

Tom Lambrecht

Debt Restructuring, Loan Packaging

View Profile

Mandy Murry

Independent Hotel Coaching

View Profile

Scott Brown

Audio Visual Services & Infrastructure

View Profile

Dan Voellm

Asset Management & Valuations

View Profile

Larry Spelts

Hotel Development & Repositioning

View Profile

Sean Flakelar

Luxury Boutique Resort & Restaurant Ops.

View Profile

Jay Landfair

Asset Management/PIP/Project Management

View Profile

Greg Riehle

Legal, Risk Management, Arbitration

View Profile

Chuck Kelley

Positioning & Asset Operations

View Profile

Fred Neuville

Chef, Restaurateur, Operations

View Profile

Ken Widmaier

Asset Mgmt, Operations, LOI/HMA Review

View Profile

Frank Schuetzendorf

Food & Beverage Concept Development

View Profile

Andrew Huzyk

IT Systems Design & Technology

View Profile

Haydee Cruz

Digital Marketing and Market Analysis

View Profile

Chuck Simikian

HR Consultant, Trainer, Interim Director

View Profile

Stephen Lipinski

Restaurant Profitability, Expert Witness

View Profile

Perry Smith

Restaurant & Club Operations, PR, Branding

View Profile

Shirley Whelan

F&B Concept Development & Management

View Profile

Alan Someck

Expert Witness, Foodservice Operations

View Profile

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