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Hospitality Investment Analysis Consultants

Our professionals have a deep understanding of the complexities of investing in and foundations of successful hospitality ventures including hotel resorts, mixed-use developements, restaurants, commercial foodservice, bars and nightclubs.

Each time a property is concepted, developed, bought, sold, financed, or assessed, the many parties involved typically require a market study and hotel valuation to analyze its current or potential performance.

Hospitality Appraisal & Valuations Consultants

Developing an objective and complete evaluation of a hotel property value can be a daunting task. Even if you are the most sophisticated owner, these evaluations can be difficult. Our team of experienced advisors are expert in analyzing operational key performance metrics and industry indicators to authenticate fair value.

Through practiced analysis of market conditions and review of development and/or business goals, Cayuga Consultants provide owners and developers the intelligence to make informed decisions.

Our professionals’ technical expertise can help you to clarify a narrow issue, or develop independent, practical, and defensible counsel for large scale projects.

Our Hotel Valuation Consultants

Olivier Gauthier

Your construction expert who is passionate about luxury and offers project management solutions that meet the unique demands and complexity of high-end projects.

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Gary Henkin

WTS International specializes in providing both design consultancy and management services for spas, fitness/wellness centers and leisure facilities throughout the world.

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Andrew Huzyk

Delivering strategy, solutions, and value through technology and low voltage expertise; specializing in boutique and luxury new builds, renovations, and conversions.

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Alex Moj

Uniquely qualified hospitality experts, controllers and big-data analysts, we find undetected data sources, unrecognized financial deficiencies and unutilized opportunities.

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Michael O'Young

Expertise in artificial intelligence, pro forma valuations and Architectural advisory. Proven track record of delivering actionable plans that “connect the dots” to capture value.

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Jon Peck

Proven track record with all all aspects of hotel acquisition and development.

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Michael Pleninger

Cayuga's only Total Service Hotel Management Company

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Preston Rideout

I'm a Nightclub and Bar Consultant with 24 years of experience. Resorts, Hotels, Casinos, Restaurants, Nightclubs, and Bars retain my services because I am a Nightclub and Bar Expert

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Frank Schuetzendorf

Food & Beverage professional, focusing on operational design, service excellence and customer experience mapping. Senior Lecturer at Glion Institute of Higher Education + Essec Business School, Paris.

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Alan Someck

An expert witness for the hospitality industry, providing consulting and testimony drawing from 32 years as a successful restaurant operator, full service consultant, food product developer & trainer.

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Peter Van Allen

I help hotels develop guest-centric pricing of non-rooms services – parking, restaurant/bar, spa & ancillaries – to increase profit & guest satisfaction for the entire hotel.

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Richard Williams

Hotel development, management and marketing services to hospitality and tourism clients throughout the Caribbean and Central America.

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Derrick Yee

Experienced hospitality asset manager helping real estate owners maximize the overall value of their investment from underwriting through business plan execution.

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