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If your competitor has more to offer in terms of an experience, they are more likely to bring in more guests, and some of those guests may inevitably be yours.

What type of technology, A/V and IT consultant are you looking for?

Audio Visual (A/V) Consulting

A/V and new IT technologies are converging making it more challenging for many A/V systems to communicate with these new technologies.

A/V systems continue to not be integrated because many of these audio visual systems are constructed by a traditional A/V team and then a separate IT team is hired to attempt to integrate this A/V system to the IT system.

This kind of separate installation often leads to non-user friendly, poor sounding, poor visual, incompatible, and often non-functioning A/V systems.

Our audio visual consultants work with our audio visual engineers and IT Team to design whole systems that communicate between A/V equipment, software, and new technologies seamlessly.

We work with your current systems to get the best results.

All users are able to use the A/V system with the latest technology for captivating audio visual presentations.

Guest Entertainment Consulting

Having a sound infrastructure is the foundation to ensuring all your technologies are reliable, secure, and can continue to provide maximum value for years to come. If a low voltage infrastructure is not designed or installed correctly it can cause operational limitations, undesired future capital expenses, and financial setbacks to the hotel and its guests.

The hospitality industry demands reliable technology infrastructure solutions that deliver your internet, TV, telecom, and other services to both your guests and employees. This is paramount to smooth 24/7 operations. From a capital standpoint, ensuring an infrastructure is sufficiently future-proof is critical to maximizing long term asset value. Thankfully there are both leading and cost effective IT infrastructure services options available.

Cayuga’s IT infrastructure consultants can help you design greenfield or upgrade archaic systems solutions that will fully integrate, bring stability well into the future, and work seamlessly with each other that has properly address all requirements specific to for the hospitality industry.

Low Voltage Infrastructure & Consulting

Many networks pose the problem of not being reliable or secure.

This can create system failure or breaches in a network jeopardizing guests’ personal information.

If a low voltage network cabling is not planned or installed correctly it can cause connection disruptions or financial setbacks to the hotel and its guests. Our consultants can determine the building materials and the best way to update cabling in your building with the lowest guest impact.

WiFi is also important because guests rely on connectivity while travelling. Despite the importance of this, many hotels still continue to have issues with their WiFi. They are familiar with hotel brand standards and different systems from Sysco to Ruckus and others.

Cayuga’s Hospitality Consultants work with our IT team to manage and drive the implementation of that network cabling is installed and maintained properly to avoid interruptions. Your guests and your staff would be able to utilize super fast data without any interruptions.

Telecommunications Consulting

The telecommunications industry changes every second because of new technologies and because the technology market is expanding as more competitors enter.

Then there is 5G, which has made it so that telecommunication companies are rapidly needing to change.

Unfortunately many telecommunication companies are not adopting new technology quickly enough and as a result their clients are lagging behind with them.

Hospitality companies have many users that rely on new technology. It is possible to meet those needs well into the future by installing the latest technology that is upgradable.

Cayuga is a leading consulting company that specializes in the hospitality industry. We develop strategies that keep up with current technology. Connect with one of our telecom consulting team members to learn more.

Information Technology (IT) Infrastructure Consulting

The hospitality industry needs to have reliable IT Infrastructure solutions that work in unison without systems overlap. Having your internet, TV, telecom work for both your guests and employees is paramount to smooth operations. Thankfully there are cost effective IT infrastructure services available.

Cayuga’s IT infrastructure consultancy can help you upgrade archaic systems that work seamlessly with each other that is specific for the hospitality industry. Contact one of our experts to learn more.

Systems Selection Consulting

Many hospitality organizations don’t have a real-time understanding of core functions all in one place. Especially when you have a new development or converting property, you have one chance to change systems with the least amount of impact. Systems must work together and be chosen wisely.

Our consulting experts can source and install the following systems:

  • PMS (Property Management System)
  • IBE (Internet Booking Engine)
  • Channel Manager (For OTA & GDS connectivity)
  • POS (Point of Sale)
  • CRM (Customer Relationship Management) aka Sales System
  • Catering and Event Software
  • Business Center Software and Printers
  • WiFi
  • Telecommunications

Imagine being able to have all of this important information all in one place making it easier for your employees to know how each function is doing.

Cayuga’s consultants understand these core functions and how the hotel and restaurant systems integrate.

Our Hotel Technology, A/V and IT Consultants

David Adler

Driving events and meetings demand, profitability and efficiency in a post covid world with smart technology, up to date strategies and creative solutions for leadership and innovation.

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Scott Brown

With over 25 yrs blurring the lines between A/V, technology and creativity, Scott will provide solutions in the demanding Corporate & Social audio visual space, drive revenue, service and retention.

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Andrew Huzyk

Delivering strategy, solutions, and value through technology and low voltage expertise; specializing in boutique and luxury new builds, renovations, and conversions.

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Stephanie Smith

Helping hotels drive incremental exposure and revenue to their website and online channels through digital marketing / advertising. Specializing in new hotels and conversions.

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Connor Vanderholm

Expert Revenue Management for branded and independent hotels. Offering both Total Portfolio and Task Force advisory services.

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