Connor Vanderholm

Total Revenue Management & Task Force

Chubbuck, Idaho, United States
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Expert Revenue Management for branded and independent hotels. Offering both Total Portfolio and Task Force advisory services.

Key Consulting Services

  • Total Portfolio Revenue Management
  • Task Force Revenue Management
  • Pulse Revenue Reporting Suite


Experts in total portfolio revenue management from full and limited-service branded hotels to independent boutiques. Our long-term revenue management services are perfect for companies wanting a better alternative to brand RM support. We offer turnkey task force service to fill in the service gaps from employee turnover and portfolio expansion. We bring RM out of the Excel dark ages with enhanced, web-based reporting which empowers your existing revenue team to make smarter decisions with ease.


  • Well-rounded background in revenue management having worked for both Hilton and Marriott corporate. No one teaches systems expertise like the brands themselves and I've been trained by the industry leaders. After gaining systems expertise, I transitioned to the management side of the industry working for Aimbridge and later Hersha. My revenue management company employs top talent from all sides of the discipline, and we leverage this knowledge and expertise to drive top line revenue growth for our hotel partners.

Professional & Other

I have a bachelor's degree in business administration from BYU-Idaho and an MBA from WGU. I have revenue management certifications from Hilton, Marriott, and IHG. Skilled in the use of Demand360, Agency360, RevenueStrategy360, OTA Insight, ProfitSword, Expedia Partner Central, Extranet, Koddi, Expedia TravelAds, and many more.
I am also bilingual, fluent in Spanish.

Connor's Latest Articles & Case Studies

Connor Vanderholm

The Blame Game: When Marketing Blames Revenue Management and Vice Versa

By Connor Vanderholm Jan 19, 2023

The Duel of Perspectives Picture this: Marketing campaigns are in full swing, beautifully crafted, and meticulously executed to entice guests. Meanwhile, the...

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Stephanie Smith Connor Vanderholm

Cayuga Hospitality Consultants Panel: Evolving Technology and Revenue Strategy

By Stephanie Smith & Connor Vanderholm Jan 19, 2023

During the Cayuga Hospitality Consultants Annual Conference 2023 in Dallas, a panel discussion was hosted around “Evolving Technology and Revenue Strategy”. Moderator: Stephanie Smith,...

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Connor Vanderholm

The Dark Side of Revenue Management: Avoiding Ethical Pitfalls

By Connor Vanderholm Jan 19, 2023

The Temptation of Hidden Fees Rate Manipulation Let’s face it; we’ve all been tempted to play with rates to boost revenue. It’s...

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