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Our facilities management and design consultants are adept in dramatically improving property appearance, operating efficiency, expense margins and asset longevity through strategic planning, design services, procurement and delivery logistics, execution of build-out, pragmatic maintenance programming and capital reinvestment.

The design or renovation of foodservice and laundry facilities, assessment and renegotiation of new and existing maintenance contracts, energy management and conservation audits, property inspection and equipment assessment, employee productivity and quality performance reviews, Capex planning and project management, technology infrastructure and systems are just some of the expert services available.

Learn how our facilities design and management consultants can help you maintain, improve, and grow your property.

Our Facilities Management Consultants

Mark Brenner

A customer-focused, innovative, and team-oriented leader with comprehensive, strategic global expertise in manufacturing, procurement, and logistics. Experience with cultures and business in APAC, EMEA, EU, AMER, and LATAM.

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Scott Brown

With over 25 yrs blurring the lines between A/V, technology and creativity, Scott will provide solutions in the demanding Corporate & Social audio visual space, drive revenue, service and retention.

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Andrew Huzyk

Delivering strategy, solutions, and value through technology and low voltage expertise; specializing in boutique and luxury new builds, renovations, and conversions.

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Jeffrey Simon

Our firm provides foodservice design and design/build Services throughout the US and has experience on five continents. Our team also has expertise in laundry and spa design.

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