Hospitality Facilities Management, Engineering and Technology Consulting Services

Maintain, improve, and grow your commercial property through our facility management consulting specialists in engineering and technology solutions.

Our hospitality facilities management consultants can improve property appearance, manage maintenance contracts, oversee operating efficiency, and provide CapEx planning and project management. We can help building owners and operators with a wide range of facility building management systems for any type of property, such as:

  • Hotels
  • Restaurants
  • Resorts
  • Casinos
  • Conference Centers
  • Clubs
  • Laundry facilities
  • Spas

Facilities Management Consultants Save You Money and Time

Our consultants specialize in many different engineering and technological solutions.  

  • Procurement and delivery logistics
  • Operating efficiency 
  • Assessment and renegotiation of new and existing maintenance contracts
  • Asset longevity planning
  • Measure the current situation
  • Create a master plan
  • Building assessments
  • Implement action items
  • Energy management and conservation audits
  • Pragmatic maintenance programming
  • Emotional Design Strategies
  • Reassess improved position

Strategies to Grow and Maintaining Your Facility Operations

Growing and maintaining a hotel’s facility operations is critical for ensuring the overall success and longevity of your property. A well-maintained facility can attract and retain guests, while poor facility operations can lead to negative reviews and a loss in business. Proper staffing for your hotel or other property is an important aspect of facility operations. Cayuga Hospitality Consultants can implement employee productivity strategies to make sure you have enough happy staff for you to keep the facility running smoothly and to assist guests with their needs. Our consultants can help managers and operators expand their facility operations by providing hospitality strategies in:

  • Property inspection 
  • Equipment assessment
  • Employee productivity strategies
  • Quality performance reviews
  • and more

Procurement Services and Strategies

Hotel procurement services and strategies are essential for managing the purchasing and supply chain needs of your hotel, restaurants or other hospitality property. Efficiently and effectively acquire the goods and services needed to run your operations, while also maximizing cost savings and minimizing risk.

Our consultants work with Group Purchasing Organizations (GPOs), allowing for negotiations of better prices and terms with suppliers. By leveraging the purchasing power of a group your hotels can secure better deals on the products and services they need.

Procurement strategies can also help you with identifying opportunities for optimization within the supply chain. By streamlining your processes, automating tasks, or identifying new suppliers with innovative solutions you can improve your property’s efficiency, reducing costs and improve the your guest experience.

Another advantage is identifying specific suppliers that offer unique products or services for your property.

Hotel Environmental Sustainability Consulting

Protecting the environment and going green has been a big initiative for many hospitality organizations in recent years. By doing so you can attract eco-conscious guests who are willing to pay more for sustainable services.

Besides attracting new types of guests, making your hotel or property more energy-efficient also helps to reduce operational costs. Also considered is how building automation systems to monitor and control various systems can improve overall efficiency.

Turning your hotel into a green building comes with many engineering challenges. Talk with a sustainability consultants to learn about how you can make your hospitality facility environmentally friendly. 

Emotional Design Strategies for Customer Experience

Emotional design strategies (EDS) are important for your hotel or property’s customer experience because they help you create a sense of connection and engagement with guests. By designing the hotel’s spaces, amenities, and interactions to elicit specific emotions, hotels can create a more memorable and enjoyable experience.

Our EDS consultants can design your hotel’s spaces to feel welcoming and comfortable, and by providing amenities and services that cater to guests’ needs and preferences.

One strategy, for example, is incorporating natural elements, such as plants and natural light, and providing healthy food options. By doing this your hotel can create a sense of well-being for guests.

Another strategy is helping your property reflect the local culture, history, and environment. Your hotel or property can create a unique and authentic experience for guests. This can include incorporating local materials and artwork, or designing the hotel to reflect the local architecture and landscape.

Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design Services

Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) is the title of the certificate and is becoming a kind of marketing brand in the hospitality industry. LEED certified hotels have a relation between the design action of LEED and the customer’s experience in rooms. Some of the most important chain hotels in the world, such as, Marriott, are promoting the LEED certification in their hotel by creating the first LEED Volume Program. LEED certification is based in point schedule by six categories

  • Sustainable sites
  • Water efficiency
  • Energy & atmosphere
  • Material & resources
  • And indoor environmental quality

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Engineering, MEP Review, CapEx Planning

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Hotel Valuation & Cost Segregation

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Audio Visual Services & Infrastructure

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