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The decision to brand (or re-brand) a hotel or restaurant is an essential decision for an owner. The selection of the brand services & the operator for managing the property are also essential decisions. These each have a lasting impact on value, income and the success of your property.

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Branding Services in the Hotel Industry

Hotel brands make up a large part of the market value of many successful hotels and restaurants. Relying on an expert in hotel branding, management contracts and negotiations, can be the difference maker between constant struggles in owner/operator/investor relationships and successful long-term relationships that build value and guest loyalty.

If you are developing a new property, wading through the sea of brands and standards required by each is daunting. Engaging an expert is valuable to analyze the market, competition, and opportunities. These analyzes will allow you to capitalize on a particular brand (or soft-brand). Understanding the process of design, procurement and delivery logistics can make a considerable difference in project costs and timing to opening. Your brand can define:

  • Your property’s image and enhance sales
  • Marketing
  • Loyalty
  • They bring robust reservations systems and other technology

Hotel Brand Standards and Systems Services

Implementing brand standards and systems can be costly to establish and maintain. Cayuga Consultants have the knowledge and experience to:

  • Help you to define your goals
  • Analyze the cost/benefit of each option
  • Help select the right brand for your property
  • Guide you through contract negotiations

Hotel Operator Selection Process Services 

Equally essential is management of the operation. Will you be choosing a brand that requires brand management of the property? Will you be bringing in a 3rd party franchise or management group to operate? Will you be self-operating? Each comes with advantages and disadvantages. Cayuga’s experts in hotel management companies and negotiating agreements help owners make these vitally important decisions.

Your Hotel and Building Brand Loyalty with Millennials

Millennials have witnessed economic uncertainty and the collapse of the internet bubble, followed by the worst global recession since the Great Depression. When they travel, they want to go local and enjoy the culture of the community they are visiting. Millennials were the first generational cohort to grow up with the internet and are sometimes referred to as digital natives.

Although millennials are brand loyal, they expect immediate recognition from brands. They do not want to stay in a basic room 35 times before they start to get upgrades as a gold member of a loyalty program. They want to be recognized as being important the first time they walk through the door. A challenge for brands is how to maintain their legacy loyalty programs that have been effective with baby boomers while also providing instant benefits for millennials.

Millennials are influence hotel designs, resulting in spaces that enhance social interaction. New brands catering to this youthful generation can indeed design appropriate loyalty programs. Hilton and Marriott now have programs where loyalty members get discounts on hotels as well as free WiFi.

Although millennials are changing the design of hospitality spaces, the format of loyalty programs and employment models, many of these shifts are refreshing and necessary. They can and will enhance the travel experience for not only millennials but also for all the other generations.

Our Brand Services & Operator Selection Consultants

David Adler

Driving events and meetings demand, profitability and efficiency in a post covid world with smart technology, up to date strategies and creative solutions for leadership and innovation.

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Katie Benson

Hospitality professional with extensive international operational, development and asset management experience with assignments in Asia Pacific, Middle East, Europe, UK, USA.

View Profile

John Berndt

Senior advisor for multi-use projects for International brands, independent owners/developers on hospitality operations programing and development.

View Profile

Haydee Cruz

Helping hotels to reach targeted market segments, securing and implementing lucrative sales strategies, developing innovative operating practices to ultimately yield profits.

View Profile

Stephen Darling

Experience in planning and development consulting for owners and architects, Stephen's approach creates the road to profitability plus fresh shrewd insights for the future.

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Dr. Chekitan Dev

Internationally renowned scholar and thought leader on marketing and branding in the hospitality, travel, and tourism industries. As an expert witness, he has testified in numerous cases involving hotel owner–brand relationships and the online travel industry.

View Profile

Stephen Dietrich

Providing actionable pro-active client advisory services in key areas designed to improve asset value.

View Profile

Ken Edwards

Expert in Receivership Management. Visionary hotelier with 20+ years experience building, operating and developing hotels throughout the country, and disruptive approach towards future of hospitality.

View Profile

Cara Federici

A luxury-lifestyle entrepreneur, brand creator and operator, Cara Federici's extensive design, digital marketing, web development, revenue strategy and sales expertise deliver proven methodologies to create and scale hospitality brands.

View Profile

Steve Heitzner

Hospitality sales & marketing expert - advising clients on strategic & tactical imperatives designed to maximize top line revenues. Develop innovative sales, marketing & revenue strategies to drive profitable growth.

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Haydn Kramer

Hotel Sales & Marketing expert ; experience ranging from VP of Sales & Marketing to Sales Management of Marriott's entire portfolio. Haydn's knowledge can be applied to any lodging brand at every tier

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Jim Lopolito

Jim is a veteran of the restaurant, country club (clubs), catering & concert industries offering expert consulting assistance in developing operational performance, cost accounting, extraordinary teams, and molding profitable hospitality businesses.

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Timothy O'Mara

Food and beverage consultant specializing in Request for Proposal (RFP), master planning, proforma development, and operational consulting for Higher Ed and Employee Dining.

View Profile

Jon Peck

Proven track record with all all aspects of hotel acquisition and development.

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Michael Pleninger

Cayuga's only Total Service Hotel Management Company

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James Samson

James is an accomplished hospitality professional specializing in culinary development, revenue strategy and food & beverage operational risk assessment.

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Romulo Vallejo

Multicultural Hospitality Operations Specialist, Task Force General Manager, and Expert Witness. 25+ years’ experience in the U.S. and Caribbean-Latin American leading select, extended, and full-service hotels.

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Dan Voellm

Asia-Pacific hospitality real estate expert - advising clients on critical decisions throughout the asset life-cycle. Combining a macro perspective with an attention for detail, strong analytical skills and strategic thinking.

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