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Preston Rideout

Preston Rideout

Memphis, Tennessee

My name is Preston Rideout. I'm a nightclub and bar consultant and expert witness with twenty-two years experience opening and operating venues across the United States, Bahamas, and Mexico.

Key Consulting Services

  • Nightclub and Bar Operations
  • Beverage Operations
  • Profitability
  • Bar Design
  • Expert Witness


I'm a highly sought after hospitality consultant in both the United States and Mexico. Twenty two years of experience opening, operating and owning bars and nightclubs across the world makes me an operations expert. My methodology is straight forward. I identify problems and provide long term sustainable solutions by creating operating systems. Over the past two decades, I've hosted 3,000 person parties, managed multi-unit high volume Vegas nightclubs, regionally directed multi- state restaurant and bar operations, conducted forensic accounting and designed bars. I'm the Nightclub Hall of Fame Vice President and Founder of Bar Manuals. My Bartender Training Manual and Bar Math Made Simple profit guide received over 100,000 downloads in 2016. As an expert witness I have assisted in a variety of business, personal injury and liquor related cases.


Preston Rideout has owned, operated, designed, developed and opened some of the hottest high volume nightclubs and bars across the U.S., Bahamas and Mexico. Some of his clients have included more than 10 Babalu Tapas & Taco operations, BB King’s in New Orleans, Las Vegas casino nightclubs including Caesar’s Palace, Luxor, The Tropicana, Treasure Island, City Center and Hard Rock.

With more than 20 years of hands-on operating experience, Preston has a proven track record of success for developing sustainable bar business models, bartender training, cocktail creations, cost control and profitability, Preston is the author of a number of books, manuals and articles pertaining to bar operations, profitability, standard operating procedures and achieving excellence in customer service.

Preston’s expertise is highly sought by casino executives, distillers, bar owners, architects and nightclub management companies. His consulting methodology is transparent, simple and straight forward. Preston identifies problems, creates operating systems and provides long term sustainable solutions.

Professional & Other

Preston is a member of Food Service Consultants International, a best-selling author and a Nightclub and Bar expert witness. He is a graduate of the University of Mississippi, an avid cross-fit athlete and animal rescue advocate. Preston resides in Memphis, Tennessee with his rescue Chihuahua and Pitbull.

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