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Jim Lopolito

Hotel Case Study: Executive Search Turned Full Investment Analysis

By Jim Lopolito Nov 15, 2023

Setting the Stage A 363 room hotel and conference center was purchased early in 2021, but one year later, there ...

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Walter O'Connell

There is Money in those Greens – Cost Segregation Studies of Golf Courses, Golf Resorts and Golf Communities

By Walter O'Connell Oct 4, 2023

As the saying goes, especially in this competitive market, ‘you need to make money and save money’ in ...

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Chuck Kelley

Case Study: Operations Assessment & Financial Analysis

By Chuck Kelley May 29, 2023

Challenge: Newly Acquired Hotels A private equity firm had recently acquired a hotel management company and three ...

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Walter O'Connell

Not All Short-Lived Depreciable Property is Captured in a Cost Segregation Study

By Walter O'Connell Mar 2, 2023

Personal Property Appraisal & Cost Segregation Studies – Powerful Tools! Congratulations!  You have acquired ...

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Alan Someck

If Restaurants Start Operating Like the Airlines

By Alan Someck Mar 1, 2023

The past several years have not been kind to the restaurant industry.  Covid certainly was traumatic on many so levels ...

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Walter O'Connell

The Trifecta of Lodging Acquisition Studies

By Walter O'Connell Feb 6, 2023

Congratulations! You have acquired a new Lodging Property. After months, or years, of due diligence, you have finally ...

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