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Susan Barry

Stress Test Before You Invest: Hotel Demand

By Susan Barry Feb 27, 2021

The pandemic has created challenges for hotel owners like none they have ever seen.  STR reports that U.S. hotel ...

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Stress Test Before You Invest: Hotel Supply

By Susan Barry Feb 12, 2021

For better or worse, the decimation of the hospitality industry as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic has piqued the ...

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Hotel Receivership Case Study: 48-Hour Deployment Due to Bankruptcy

By Ken Edwards Nov 18, 2020

During crisis times, the hospitality industry becomes fragile as demand is driven by guests. Conditions that affect ...

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Jon Peck

5 Considerations for a First Time Hotel Buyer

By Jon Peck Sep 13, 2020

As liquidity pressure mounts on current owners, quality hotel opportunities are certainly going to come on the market ...

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Jon Peck

Hotel Development: Boutique Hotels vs Chain Hotels

By Jon Peck Feb 13, 2020

Boutique hotel supply and demand is growing at a much faster pace than traditional branded hotels. According to the ...

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Cara Federici

OS&E Design Takes Center Stage, Successful Brands Don’t Let it Become an Afterthought

By Cara Federici Oct 29, 2019

Imagine a hotel is a doll house. Go ahead. Pick it up, shake it around and turn it upside down. What ...

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