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Hotel Management Agreements

Dealing with Hotel Management Agreement key provisions at the LOI stage is essential to knowing whether or not you have a deal. It is better to know this prior to all the sturm and drang among the lawyers over the definitive agreements. No point in kicking the can down the road only to find out that in addition to the loss of time and incurring of legal fees from the negotiation of the definitive agreements, there is no deal.

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Maintaining Hotel Maintenance Contracts

One of the most important and high impact responsibilities of a hotel’s engineering team is the administration of maintenance contracts and service agreements. Successful management of this critical function can streamline engineering operations, reduce operating expenses, and minimize downtime. However, when executed poorly, maintenance contracts can act as the proverbial tail wagging the dog, shortening […]

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Leadership: The Basis For Management

The concept and practice of leadership as it applies to management carries a fascination and attraction for most people. We all like to think we have some leadership qualities and strive to develop them. We look at leaders in all walks of life seeking to identify which qualities, traits and skills they possess so we […]

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