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How Much Is Your Property Worth?,Written,On,Chalkboard

A Practical Guide to Hotel Appraisals

As hotel lodging performance continues to recover from the effects of Covid-19, there have been increasing signs that investors are again buying, selling or refinancing of hotel assets. This comes sometimes in spite of mixed messages as to the speed and strength of this recovery. Hotel Appraisals & Expectations A key fundamental of these transactional […]

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Books at Beach Resort

3 Lessons Learned doing Task Force at a Resort in 2021

A recent task force assignment sent me to a high end resort in Florida as Food & Beverage Manager.  While there still are plenty of challenges to be met during this recovery period in the industry, there are also many encouraging signs of a strong rebounding process. I was particularly touched by the grit and […]

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One Door Closes Another Door Opens

But all to often there is a long hallway in between for the “hotel world”… Where it all Began One never knows where you may end up and during the past eighteen months, one door closes and another opening has never been more true in the hotel world.  My personal experience as a Leader in […]

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Hotel Housekeeping

The Hospitality Employee Conundrum and How to Adapt

As we come out of the pandemic, the conundrum of finding and retaining hotel employees has reached new levels. Prior to the pandemic, this challenge was primarily experienced in extremely low unemployment markets (like Austin and San Francisco) as well as highly seasonal markets that had to flex labor to match changes in demand. Our […]

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Hotel Front Deck Check In

The Tale of Two Hotels in COVID Times

Many of us are starting to get back on the road and experience travel again while trying to figure out the new game and what has changed. First of all, air travel is a mess from arrival at the airport, TSA, sitting mask to mask with strangers for hours and collecting your luggage before making […]

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Fraud Good Bad Ugly

Hotel Fraud Training: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

In the mid-sixties the movie ®The Good, the Bad and the Ugly starring Clint Eastwood was released. The movie is about a bounty hunting expedition to find a fortune in gold buried in a remote cemetery. The movie had some success; however, its title plays on an artful way to describe a set of circumstances. […]

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Travel Maps

Independent Hotels Can Leverage Factors That Influence Hotel Decisions to Steal Market Share

The top factors influencing a guest’s choice in hotel  accommodation according to STR Research in May 2021 are: location, price & value for money, cancellation policy, previous stay, positive reviews/personal recommendations. Although most factors have been in the top 5 before COVID-19, the way each affects the booking decision has changed. By focusing on these […]

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Hotel Building

To Deflag, Or Not to Deflag. That is the Question

As the lights begin to brighten on a dimmed world of the post-COVID era, the hospitality and tourism sectors have started to gain traction again. It is now time for hotels to take this opportunity to create innovative ways to earn new customers and regain lost revenue. What is Deflagging? Deflagging is the term for […]

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