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Several water heaters in a row

Engineering 101… Getting The Most From Your Engineering Department

If I have learned anything after twenty years of managing engineering departments it’s this: the most successful engineers thrive in an environment where their leadership has a thorough understanding and appreciation for what the hotel’s maintenance team does, and how its efforts contribute to the overall success of the property. Sounds obvious, right? But how […]

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A large electrical box in a hotel.

Case Study: Hotel Energy Management at the Ritz Carlton – Naples, Florida

 Click here to download a PDF version of this case study, complete with graphic analyses. PROJECT SUMMARY The Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company embarked on a three year program centered on reducing energy consumption. The purpose of the program was not only to reduce the portfolio’s energy consumption and cost, but also to raise the awareness of […]

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Where Have All the Real Salespersons Gone

On a daily basis, I have the opportunity to interact with dozens of salespeople in a wide variety of locations. Over the years we have somehow gravitated from partnering with customers in building long-term relationships and account understanding to now taking orders in a more clinical, impersonal and highly transactional environment. However, customers still require […]

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Ten Keys to Career Success

Recently I was asked to address a group of hospitality school students on the topic of career success. My career started as an assistant coffee shop manager in a hotel restaurant and ended as an Executive Vice President. My task was to explain how I made this happen. Admittedly my success was a lot about […]

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hotel brand conversions

Hotel Brand Conversions

In hotel brand conversions, two factors seem to drive the financial results for converted hotels—the relative strength of the brand and the fit between the brand and the property.

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Hotel Management Agreements

Dealing with Hotel Management Agreement key provisions at the LOI stage is essential to knowing whether or not you have a deal. It is better to know this prior to all the sturm and drang among the lawyers over the definitive agreements. No point in kicking the can down the road only to find out that in addition to the loss of time and incurring of legal fees from the negotiation of the definitive agreements, there is no deal.

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Ten Warnings On Hotel Energy Savings

With years of experience helping owners and operators with their hotel energy savings goals, I’ve developed a list of ten observations on various products and services that together form a broad guideline to follow when getting planning underway.

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