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Maintaining Hotel Maintenance Contracts

One of the most important and high impact responsibilities of a hotel’s engineering team is the administration of maintenance contracts and service agreements. Successful management of this critical function can streamline engineering operations, reduce operating expenses, and minimize downtime. However, when executed poorly, maintenance contracts can act as the proverbial tail wagging the dog, shortening […]

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Branding Hotels

The hotel industry has become a complex, fragmented, global, competitive brand business. There is an urgent need to fill “gaps” in our knowledge of brand management to help the industry improve brand performance.

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The Hospitality Talent Search – Outsourcing Your Most Important Investment

In a hotel’s perpetual quest to find creative ways to reduce expenses while not compromising quality, senior management tends to outsource a lot of services.  From bedding and restaurant linens to IT, security and transportation, for many of these properties, relying on external contracts has become the norm rather than the exception – so why […]

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Make Sure The Right Contingency Plans Are In Place

I once met with a hotel owner, not long after taking over management of his group of hotels, to tell him how I planned to reenergize the lackluster and ineffective sales effort I found in place. I told him that I planned to create a new position of Divisional Sales Manager and promote a “sparkplug” […]

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Case Study: Breaking down Barriers Between a Hotel and Its F&B Franchise

Breaking down Barriers Between a Hotel and Its F&B Franchise When it comes to thinking broadly about food and beverage, hoteliers can either opt to supervise and operate their hotel F&B programs internally or they can work with a partner who will manage the culinary branding. This decision can determine the type of consumer dining […]

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