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Sean Skellie

Less Will Cost More: Top Challenges Facing the Lodging Industry 2022

By Sean Skellie Jan 30, 2022

Its January 2022, cold in most of the U.S., and we are all dreaming of our next vacation. Spring break? Can ...

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3 Ways to Calculate Valuation for a Hotel Appraisal

By cayuga Jan 25, 2022

When buying or selling a hotel, there are many steps to conducting a hotel appraisal.  Previously, we highlighted ...

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The Revenue Management Discipline’s Need to Adapt and Not “Go Back to Normal”

By cayuga Jan 6, 2022

During COVID-19, ownership groups and management companies took organizational decisions that impacted the ...

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A Practical Guide to Hotel Appraisals

By cayuga Dec 9, 2021

As hotel lodging performance continues to recover from the effects of Covid-19, there have been increasing signs that ...

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Romulo Vallejo

3 Lessons Learned doing Task Force at a Resort in 2021

By Romulo Vallejo Sep 17, 2021

A recent task force assignment sent me to a high end resort in Florida as Food & Beverage Manager.  While there ...

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David Salcfas

One Door Closes Another Door Opens

By David Salcfas Sep 15, 2021

But all to often there is a long hallway in between for the “hotel world”… Where it all Began One never ...

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