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Hospitality CapEx Math 101 – Useful Life

By Cayuga Hospitality Consultants Aug 16, 2017

Understanding how useful life affects hospitality property CapEx costs and decisions will help owners achieve highest ...

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The Relationship Between LEED Hotel Design and Guest Satisfaction

By Cayuga Hospitality Consultants Aug 8, 2017

The goal of this paper is to highlight those actions that can change the experience of the customer during their stay ...

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Chuck Kelley

A Lodging Industry Consultant’s Nightmare

By Chuck Kelley Jun 15, 2017

A lodging industry consultant must show the client how you can have a positive impact on his/her business and put it in ...

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Preston Rideout

The Million Dollar Question – Cocktail Profitability and Recipe Deviation Cost

By Preston Rideout Jun 5, 2017

Achieving, maximizing and sustaining cocktail profitability requires a foundation in fact, not conjecture. Bar math, ...

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Hotel Management Agreements – Agency Relationships

By Cayuga Hospitality Consultants May 31, 2017

Owners and management companies have a very murky legal environment where hotel management agreements are accompanied ...

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Haydn Kramer

Death of A Hotel Salesman: A tale of our times…

By Haydn Kramer Apr 14, 2017

The current state of affairs in the hotel sales world, and specifically the DOSM, is bad, and in jeopardy of relevance. ...

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