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Alan Someck

Sexual Harassment in the Restaurant Industry: Pervasive and Preventable

By Alan Someck Oct 25, 2018

This past year has seen a flood of allegations and admissions of sexual harassment in the restaurant industry.  It’s ...

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Alan Someck

The Challenges Restaurants Face in Going Green and What to Do

By Alan Someck Aug 21, 2018

The transformation of the foodservice business model to incorporate restaurant sustainable practices is not simple, but ...

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Is Your Hotel Sales Training a Train Wreck?

By Cayuga Hospitality Consultants Jun 30, 2018

Hotel sales training must be seen as an investment and not an expense. Done properly it can increase the revenue that ...

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Haydn Kramer

What the Millennial told me about Hotels…Dude!

By Haydn Kramer Apr 11, 2018

How to gain loyal millennial hotel guests - or guests of any generation? It's about genuine humility in service, ...

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Take Your Guest Reservations Back Offline

By Cayuga Hospitality Consultants Mar 30, 2018

How can we as hoteliers drive more guests to book direct which is our most profitable booking channel? The relationship ...

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Jim Lopolito

Obstacles in Restaurant Performance and the Transition of Responsibility

By Jim Lopolito Mar 30, 2018

Obstacles can be a significant constraint on restaurant performance, Eliminating obstacles that directly affect ...

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