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Alan Someck

10 Food and Dining Trends for 2021 and Beyond

By Alan Someck Jan 24, 2021

Every year industry professionals and thought leaders and every food related newsletter puts out their list of ...

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David Salcfas

How to Manage in a Diverse Union Labor Environment

By David Salcfas Jan 10, 2021

We have all had jobs that make us better leaders in our industry.  Earning the respect from your team members ...

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Chuck Kelley

Time to Open Up the Buffets

By Chuck Kelley Sep 30, 2020

The buffet has been an integral part of many restaurant and other hotel food operations. For now, the buffet is just ...

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How Switzerland has Avoided Mass Layoffs in Hospitality through “Kurzarbeit”

By cayuga Jul 19, 2020

Swiss hospitality leverages short time working arrangements to avoid huge layoffs. It worked before in times of crisis ...

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Jim Lopolito

Recovery Following 9/11: A Case Study to Apply to Today’s Pandemic

By Jim Lopolito May 26, 2020

The Capitol Theatre in Port Chester is a national historic landmark built in 1926. This 15,000 square foot building ...

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Alan Someck

10 Ways Restaurants Can Survive and Thrive through the Pandemic

By Alan Someck Apr 21, 2020

The restaurant industry is not dead.  It just became a temporary tragic victim within a global traumatic condition ...

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