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social media in hospitality

Keep the Social Media Buzz – Buzzing!

Managing your social media buzz can take 30 minutes to an hour a day, tops. While this may seem like a lot, many customers are making their choice based on what they see and read. Chat with your team; seek and enlist someone that is passionate about this, and let them go at it. Use these tips, and you will see fruitful rewards!

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One Word That Can Change Your Restaurants Bottom Line

Film buffs will remember that in The Graduate, the one word of advice Mr. McGuire offers to Benjamin is ‘plastics’. If there is a single word to offer today’s hospitality leaders, I suggest that word is ‘merchandising’. In particular, I urge the restaurateur to pay special attention to this often unexpected opportunity for added revenue, […]

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Case Study: Breaking down Barriers Between a Hotel and Its F&B Franchise

Breaking down Barriers Between a Hotel and Its F&B Franchise When it comes to thinking broadly about food and beverage, hoteliers can either opt to supervise and operate their hotel F&B programs internally or they can work with a partner who will manage the culinary branding. This decision can determine the type of consumer dining […]

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