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David Salcfas

Leading Through True Adversity, A Brooklyn Hotel Story

By David Salcfas Aug 20, 2022

Just Our Normal Routine Our Tuesday started at the only full service hotel in downtown Brooklyn, Sam Ibrahim the ...

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Robert Gary Dodds

Like Alice, It’s Time to Pass through the Looking Glass

By Robert Gary Dodds Jul 24, 2022

When Alice, of Alice in Wonderland, in Lewis Carol’s second book, Alice Through the Looking Glass, began to wonder ...

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Robert Gary Dodds

How Generation Age Groups Impact Hospitality

By Robert Gary Dodds May 21, 2022

Previously, we tied together how employee culture and the employee links in the service profit chain.  The total ...

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Shirley Whelan

The Unsung Heroes of Hotel Food & Beverage

By Shirley Whelan May 1, 2022

The unprecedented exodus of hospitality workers in the Great Resignation has created gaping holes in the daily ...

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The Gen Z Dilemma

By cayuga Mar 31, 2022

Imagine, 50 years ago, walking in to your manager’s office asking them whether you can work from home for a week? Or ...

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Frank Schuetzendorf

Is This the Next Generation of Hotel Restaurants?

By Frank Schuetzendorf Mar 27, 2022

What the travelling majority wants today when staying at a hotel is, simply put, an effective way to order what they ...

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