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Impact On Commercial Real Estate Lending Of Dodd-Frank And Basel

Earlier articles in this series have reported on precedential judicial decisions affecting those involved in commercial real estate: a court decision that a lender’s absolute assignment of leases and rents was not applicable to hotel revenues ( /articlearchives/silverlining.htm); and the “springing” of a “bad-boy” guaranty arising out of the insolvency of a retail shopping center, […]

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IFRS And The Hospitality Industry

The SEC recently released a proposal that could lead to required use of International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) by U.S. publicly traded companies in 2014. According to experts, the question is not if the U.S. will require the hospitality industry to change to IFRS but when. As a result, major accounting firms are advising their […]

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A Sense of Arrival, A Sense of Departure

Most hoteliers intrinsically understand the concept of a sense of arrival. Broadly defined, this is that glorious moment (or what’s intended to be glorious) when a guest arrives at the threshold of your establishment. The goal of this is to quite literally wow your arriving guest from the get-go to reaffirm their hotel selection. I […]

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Make Sure The Right Contingency Plans Are In Place

I once met with a hotel owner, not long after taking over management of his group of hotels, to tell him how I planned to reenergize the lackluster and ineffective sales effort I found in place. I told him that I planned to create a new position of Divisional Sales Manager and promote a “sparkplug” […]

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Task Force Operations… Filling The Void In Hospitality Leadership

As a long-time hospitality executive I did not even know what ‘task force’ was until I was in the job! It sounded a bit like the title of a Chuck Norris movie, not the genteel world of the hospitality professional. You can find the benefits of task for staffing here. I would like to share […]

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Making It Rain: Understanding the Experience Paradigm

The “guest experience” is possibly the most talked about aspect of the industry. Delivering a great (memorable, unique, motivating, etc.) experience is the business we are in – our competition can copy everything we do – maybe even do it  better than we do —  but they cannot copy the experience the guest enjoys in […]

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