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Jim Lopolito

Confronting Food Industry Conditions During COVID-19

By Jim Lopolito Apr 16, 2020

The damaging impact of COVID-19 upon the food industry is here and the aftermath may be a long road of ...

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Sean Skellie

Covid-19 Impact Report for the Hospitality Industry by Grey Hospitality

By Sean Skellie Apr 15, 2020

There is no doubt that in March and April of 2020 presented some of the toughest times for the hospitality industry- ...

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Haydn Kramer

9/11 & COVID 19: Hotels and Soul and Sales and Survival

By Haydn Kramer Apr 5, 2020

Today, someone asked me, “So, how does this compare to 9/11?” “This,” I offered “is much ...

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The Gift of Resetting and New Beginnings

By cayuga Mar 31, 2020

No doubt that today's situation brings a lot of anxiety and uncertainty, but if we are able to take a more holistic ...

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Hotel Marketing Crisis Management Successes, Do’s and Don’ts

By cayuga Mar 28, 2020

Over the years I have lived and worked through numerous crisis’s that have led to economic downturns – Gulf War ...

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Stephanie Smith Susan Barry Jim Lopolito Robert Gary Dodds

Five Consultants from Cayuga Hospitality Speaking at Lodging Stream

By Stephanie Smith, Susan Barry, Jim Lopolito & Robert Gary Dodds Mar 25, 2020

The Lodging Stream Conference is the first virtual hospitality conference of its kind to come out of the Covid-19 ...

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