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Take Your Guest Reservations Back Offline

By Cayuga Hospitality Consultants Mar 30, 2018

How can we as hoteliers drive more guests to book direct which is our most profitable booking channel? The relationship ...

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Bill Carroll, Ph. D.

Should the Mix of OTA Room Nights Be…?

By Bill Carroll, Ph. D. Nov 21, 2017

OTA's may in fact have an effect on EBITDA, but how much might it cost to replace foregone OTA room nights with non-OTA ...

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Bill Carroll, Ph. D.

Sustainable Profitability in a World with OTA’s

By Bill Carroll, Ph. D. Apr 7, 2017

The Colombian hotel market is currently in a price war with ADR falling, occupancy flat, room supply growth exceeding ...

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Bill Carroll, Ph. D.

OTA Value: It Depends on How You Play the Game!

By Bill Carroll, Ph. D. Feb 20, 2017

When the OTAs, hotel managers and asset owners focus on growing total market and/or specific destination demand, long ...

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