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Hotel Operations & Management Consulting Services

Whether a hotel or resort, food and beverage operation, commercial foodservice enterprise, spa or recreation facility, casino or the businesses that support our industry, Cayuga professionals are armed with the knowledge and skills to identify opportunities for improvement. Comprising expertise in hospitality management and service delivery, accounting and financial management, sales and marketing strategies, pricing optimization, technology selection and integration, organizational culture and team development, brand standards and implementation, executive search and human resource administration, insurance selection and risk management. With any single or a team of Cayuga’s hospitality management consultants even the most complex issues can be resolved resulting in long-term stability and success.

Our Operations & Management Diagnosis Consultants

Romulo Vallejo

Fully bilingual, multicultural Hospitality Operations Specialist. Over 20 years U.S. and Caribbean-Latin American experience leading select, extended, and full-service hotels.

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Peter Van Allen

I help hotels develop guest-centric pricing of non-rooms services – parking, restaurant/bar, spa & ancillaries – to increase profit & guest satisfaction for the entire hotel.

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Beth Wakefield

I am your partner in driving revenue! I analyze, recommend, implement, and maintain your rate strategy across all booking channels on a daily basis.

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Richard Williams

Hotel development, management services and marketing to hospitality and tourism clients throughout the Caribbean and Central America.

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