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Our Consultants provide expert guidance to the Hotel/Resort, Food & Beverage, Commercial Foodservice, Club and Spa, Casino and Tourism industries.

Frank Schuetzendorf

Is This the Next Generation of Hotel Restaurants?

By Frank Schuetzendorf Mar 27, 2022

What the travelling majority wants today when staying at a hotel is, simply put, an effective way to order what they ...

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Cayuga Hospitality Consultants logo

The Gift of Resetting and New Beginnings

By Cayuga Hospitality Consultants Mar 31, 2020

No doubt that today's situation brings a lot of anxiety and uncertainty, but if we are able to take a more holistic ...

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Juliette Gust

Reduce restaurant theft with better onboarding and reporting practices

By Juliette Gust Feb 25, 2020

These restaurant fraud prevention techniques, if properly and consistently implemented, can be most effective in ...

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Peter Van Allen

8 Reasons Why Hotels Should Offer Valet Parking

By Peter Van Allen Apr 30, 2019

Would you like to transform your hotel’s parking to become a highly profitable part of your hotel that attracts ...

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Frank Schuetzendorf

The Art of Luxury in Hospitality

By Frank Schuetzendorf Jan 30, 2019

Defining luxury in today’s world can be misleading. What is the true meaning of luxury and a luxury experience and ...

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Alan Someck

Restaurant and Hotel Safety: Preventing and Managing Accidents and Incidents

By Alan Someck Nov 19, 2018

When it comes to restaurant and hotel safety, hospitality owners must be proactive in addressing the threats to their ...

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