Unlocking the Secrets: The Unseen Forces Behind Hospitality Brand Success

Cory Falter

By Cory Falter

Mar 20, 2024

Forget everything you thought you knew about branding.

Unfortunately, there is a common misconception about what branding actually means. While a logo and color scheme are undoubtedly crucial branding elements, this surface-level understanding overlooks the deeper, more impactful layers of brand strategy, especially in a sector as dynamic and creative as hospitality.

Let’s dive into the importance of a brand strategy and explore whether it’s time to consider working with a hospitality branding agency.

The Heart of Hospitality B2B Brand Strategy

Branding is more than skin deep. It’s the foundation of your identity, customer engagement, and business growth. It’s crafting a narrative that resonates, crafting experiences that linger, and creating a presence that towers over the competition.

Cory Falter of Lure Agency and Mark Evans, a marketing maestro, tear apart traditional notions, revealing how deep brand strategy drives success in hospitality.

This isn’t just talk; it’s the real deal in elevating your brand.

The Misconception of Brand Strategy

Brand strategy in hospitality needs to be better understood.

While many seek immediate results, Mark Evans highlights the art and science of branding. This long game is planting seeds for future relationships, not just a fleeting campaign.

The true power of a brand lies in its story, connection with customers, and distinctiveness in a competitive field.

ROI: The Elusive Beast

Measuring ROI in brand strategy is tricky.

Evans advises looking beyond conventional metrics, focusing instead on customer, employee, and partner feedback. This approach reveals a brand’s true impact.

Cory suggests balancing paid and organic efforts, emphasizing brand recognition as a key determinant in consumer choice.

Dodging Common Branding Pitfalls

Avoid generic messaging and forgettable storytelling.

Mark Evans urges brands to stand out and connect emotionally. Listen to customer feedback and ensure consistency across all platforms.

Your brand should scream uniqueness and relevance.

The Secret Ingredient of Brand Strategy

The key is focusing on what makes your brand’s experience unique.

Emphasize these differentiators in your narrative. Understand and cater to your ideal customer, creating tailored experiences that strike a chord.

Look at Ritz-Carlton, Airbnb, and Virgin Hotels for inspiration.

Target Audience: The Bullseye of Your Strategy

Knowing your audience is critical.

Cory and Mark stress the importance of understanding who your business is for and, just as importantly, who it is not for. This clarity helps avoid mismatched expectations and ensures more satisfying experiences.

The Future of Hospitality B2B Branding

The future is bright but demands agility and adaptability.

Personalized, customer-centric marketing strategies will lead the way. Businesses that leverage data to tailor their offerings will dominate. The focus should be on building strong brand communities and genuine engagement.

By embracing these insights, you’re not just adopting a strategy but pioneering a revolution in hospitality B2B branding. It’s time to go beyond the logo and unleash your brand’s true potential.

How does your brand strategy stack up? Find out in this quick 5-question quiz >>

About the author

Cory Falter

Cory Falter is a Partner and Visionary at Lure Agency and a consultant at Cayuga Hospitality Consultants. His company, Lure Agency, is a full-service B2B sales and marketing agency in the hospitality industry that helps in-house hotel and industry suppliers’ sales teams identify, convert, and retain more revenue using their proven science and soul marketing methodology. Since opening their doors in 2012, they’ve helped dozens of companies reach their revenue goals, including BenchmarkPyramid, TTI Technologies, and HotelExecutive. Cory is a proud father of twin teenage daughters and a former professional motocross racer, complementing the fast-paced culture of hospitality sales and marketing. He is also VP of Communications for HSMAI San Diego, and host of the InnSync Show on YouTube.

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