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Expert Spa Consulting

From conceptual planning through opening and ongoing operations, including staff selection and training, selection of retail and service products, and support services required to provide optimal guest experiences, our spa consultants can guide owners and operators in delivering exceptional customer service while achieving operational and financial goals. Cayuga Consultants are able to step into oversight roles to implement solutions to organizational and operational challenges and to make lasting improvements to operations and profitability.

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Our Spa Consultants

John Berndt

Senior advisor for multi-use projects for International brands, independent owners/developers on hospitality operations,

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Gary Henkin

WTS International specializes in providing both design consultancy and management services for spas, fitness/wellness centers and leisure facilities throughout the world.

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Matthew Opferkuch

Expert in independent, lifestyle-hotel development, Matthew bridges the gap between development and operations, pre-opening and opening implementation.

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Peter Van Allen

I help hotels develop guest-centric pricing of non-rooms services – parking, restaurant/bar, spa & ancillaries – to increase profit & guest satisfaction for the entire hotel.

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