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Hotel Management Assessment Consultants

Cayuga Hospitality Consultants are able to aid in this basic requirement of the hospitality industry through their knowledge and experience in key leadership positions throughout the industry and their years of consulting experience. Our consultants are able to quickly and comprehensively perform:

  • A hotel management assessment
  • Evaluate a management team
  • Assess the culture of an organization
  • Check for policies and procedures that may impede productivity
  • Evaluate quality of service and facilities
  • Bring actionable solutions to owners and operators

Training and Development Consultants

Cayuga Hospitality Consultants will offer results-driven solutions to:

  • Elevate levels of service
  • Support cultural change
  • Create positive work environments
  • Establish plans and deliver training and professional development
  • Assist ownership and/or management through reorganization or rebranding transitions.

Cayuga’s consultants understand the complexities of managing a diverse workforce and provide prudent and comprehensive solutions to their assignments.

For more information on our hotel management assessment consultants, contact Cayuga Hospitality today.

Our Hotel Management Assessment Consultants

David Salcfas

Proven leader that will inspire you to master the art of the interview & provide real life experience to perform in a diverse union and non-union labor markets, as well as manage through a hotel transition and divestiture to yield sustainable results.

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James Samson

James is an accomplished hospitality professional specializing in culinary development, revenue strategy and food & beverage operational risk assessment.

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Frank Schuetzendorf

Food & Beverage professional, focusing on operational design, service excellence and customer experience mapping. Senior Lecturer at Glion Institute of Higher Education + Essec Business School, Paris.

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Nicolas Simon

A very keen, detailed, comprehensive and result-driven business approach of hotel and restaurant operations, with only the best interests of our clients and industry in mind.

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Sean Skellie

Expertise in hotel development consulting, market analysis & feasibility to communities & developers. Our focus on boutique hotels & soft brand affiliation with Marriott sets Grey Hospitality apart.

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Alan Someck

An expert witness for the hospitality industry, providing consulting and testimony drawing from 32 years as a successful restaurant operator, full service consultant, food product developer & trainer.

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Romulo Vallejo

Fully bilingual, multicultural Hospitality Operations Specialist. Over 20 years U.S. and Caribbean-Latin American experience leading select, extended, and full-service hotels.

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Dan Voellm

Asia-Pacific hospitality real estate expert - advising clients on critical decisions throughout the asset life-cycle. Combining a macro perspective with an attention for detail, strong analytical skills and strategic thinking.

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Shirley Whelan

F&B professional with specific expertise in concept development, beverage programming, and operations as they apply to hotels, resorts, restaurants, bars, and retail food markets.

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