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Hotel Risk Management

In addition, with distinct expertise in wide-ranging areas within the hospitality industry, our consultants are able to provide expert witness testimony, binding expert determination on narrow-focus disputes, offer professional mediation and arbitration, and assist clients through contract negotiation and disputes.

Evaluating hotel risk management in any hospitality business enterprise can be a daunting notion for many management professionals. Cayuga Hospitality Consultants not only have the practical experience, but also the skills to provide a full analysis of operational and facilities management areas of risk and offer solutions for prevention. Our experts will evaluate commercial insurance policies and costs and assist owners and operators in managing the complex business of ensuring your asset, guests and staff are fully covered in the event of incident, that your insurance policies satisfy all stakeholders, and that your costs are fair and reasonable.

Our Hotel Risk Management Consultants

Thomas Cleary

I provide commercial business insurance and risk management to hospitality and real estate businesses. I make insurance simple.

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Albert Pucciarelli

Experienced lawyer in the area of hotel and resort development and operations. Perfect for mediation, expert determination and arbitration of hotel-related issues.

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