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What is Hotel Asset Management?

Hotel asset management refers to the overseeing of those items that enhance operating performance. Whether the need has arisen due to an owner’s desire to sell their asset, an acquisition opportunity has been presented, or demands have come from lenders and investors to improve investment returns, the goal in asset management is to protect the owner’s interests and maximize the economic value of the property.

With expert consulting resources, research and techniques, experienced asset managers provide comprehensive reviews of each unique property’s conditions and opportunities, and present recommendations to owners to help them navigate the issues impeding superior investment returns.

The hospitality industry grows ever-more complex, and hiring an experienced hotel asset manager or asset management consultant has become an essential resource to owners, developers, investors and operators in achieving their goals.

Why Cayuga for Your Hotel Asset Management Needs?

Cayuga Hospitality Consultants have a diversified range of talents and expertise that takes traditional hotel asset management to another level. With a multifaceted team of professionals, our asset management assignments can include consulting services ranging from real estate advisory services, valuation and appraisal, construction, investment strategies, operator selection, management contract negotiation, financial performance analysis, interim and task force leadership, marketing and revenue management expertise and more, all to help guide owners in making informed decisions and to develop executable strategies to yield enhanced asset value.

Our hotel asset management consultants add focus and provide strategic direction to the hotel owner’s objectives. We are able to represent owner interests in dealing with franchisors, managers and other parties. Cayuga’s consultants are able to employ a multi-disciplined approach which encompasses hotel operations, real estate, finance, construction, legal issues, marketing, and risk concerns. Our senior-level hotel asset managers are capable to assist with:

  • Asset management

  • Valuation and appraisal

  • Asset and portfolio acquisition

  • Due diligence

  • Strategic planning

  • Value enhancement

  • Exit strategy development

  • Asset oversight

  • Financing strategies

  • Risk management

We bring experience and relationships with franchise companies and management company executives, as well as expertise in the independent operator domain. Our specialized consultants are able to provide valuable insight and measurable and sustainable results in areas such as:

  • Competitive analysis

  • Staff planning and interim management

  • Purchasing and internal controls

  • Property positioning

  • and real estate tax appeals

For new projects or major repositioning, we may coordinate and cooperate with experts from Cayuga’s Brand Services and/or Development Consulting Groups.

Are you looking to add a hotel asset management consultant to your team? Do you have more questions on how an asset management consultant can help increase your ROI? Don’t know where to start? Contact us today to have all of your questions answered!

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Strategic Asset & Capital Planning

Cayuga’s consultants provide skilled assessments and guidance to improve profitability and asset value.

Acquisition & Financing Solutions

Cayuga’s consultants analyze opportunities and investments, and add sound insight to achieve the goals of the investor.

Operations & Management Diagnosis

Cayuga’s consultants have hands-on experience bringing the knowledge to identify opportunities for improvement, and give guidance resulting in long-term success.

Brand Services & Operator Selection

Knowing from their own personal experience, Cayuga’s consultants assist owners on ensuring wise brand selection, negotiation and implementation process.