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Don Farrell

Sales, Service & Leadership Training

Memphis, Tennessee, United States
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Fresh Revenues makes their select clients a lot of money through speaking, training, reinforcement of the training, and consulting.

Key Consulting Services

  • Revenue Generation
  • Service Improvements
  • Leadership Development
  • Culture Improvement


Sales, Service, Leadership and Culture Training with reinforcement so the skills stick long-term. Through the reinforcement vehicles that Don and his Fresh Revenues team have developed through the years, they are able to Guarantee the results you need, or they don't get paid. That simple and that certain. Their services target all of your hospitality business at all levels in the operations, sales and corporate positions. As experienced keynote speakers, they inspire and engage your associates to be passionate about providing stellar customer service, dramatically increase revenues by using fresh tactical and practical approaches and creating a culture of loyalty by becoming loyalty driving leaders. The training team provides clients with a thorough assessment from a consumer lens and a comprehensive staff training blueprint customized for each unique business need. Fresh Revenues can either train in-person, or through a blended approach using distance education training solutions that will motivate each associate to understand how performing better for you, will also help them in their life's goals and endeavors. Don knows with absolute certainty that nobody has greater talent or more creative ideas to maximize your potential than the team at Fresh Revenues. His global expertise, know-how, care, concern, honesty, fun and results-driven approach is GUARANTEED to deliver you the ROI you deserve and desire.


  • Don's first job was as a pot scrubber for Marriott Hotels. He recalls sweating his way up the ladder, through every area of their operation to eventually the sales and marketing department. Don moved on to work in senior sales and marketing opportunities for Holiday Inns, Inc. during their heyday of developing brands like Holiday Inn Express, Hampton, Embassy Suites, Homewood Suites and Crowne Plaza. He started his first company in 1986, Signature Worldwide Training, and built it into the largest sales and service training company in the world, with over 385 employees, licensees in 44 countries and more than 10K clients. Don sold Signature to start Fresh Revenues in 2007, so that he could offer better solutions that included customized training. Fresh Revenues provides its select clients DNA-customized programs and processes that increase service, market share, revenues and ROI. At the same time, Don and his team help their clients to distance themselves permanently from their competition through their revenue driven culture on six simultaneous levels: clients, employees, brand, vendor partners, lenders and community. Don says his services are not for everybody - only clients that share his passion for increasing revenues and profits. When his team assesses, designs, develops, communicates, markets, delivers and reinforces with training workshops, they do more than just work an assignment, they enter into consulting partnerships with every organization they engage with.


Professional & Other

Entrepreneur. Founded and lead two companies, with one becoming the largest in the world.

University of Wisconsin-Madison, Bachelor of Science, Business.

Don is the author of two books, "The Good Book of Business" and "Ethical Theft - How to Steal Business From Your Competition"

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