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James Braver

Newton, Massachusetts

Our team of Israeli and American security experts can provide the extra-protective security layer needed for today's growing terrorism threats to the hospitality industry.

Key Consulting Services

  • Security Assessments and Planning for hospitality Industry
  • Training including Behavior Detection
  • RAMP: Risk Assessment Management Program for Special Public Events


Quantum Innovation Corporation (QIC) is a USA, Boston-based security consulting and training group providing cutting-edge US-Israeli expertise, specializing in counter-terrorism security programs, behavior detection programs, workplace violence prevention programs, all hazard security policy and procedure development, and fair and impartial policing training and development programs. QIC’s founders and lead consultants are Tom Robbins and Peter DiDomenica, retired Massachusetts State Police officials who were the key security officials who redesigned security at Boston Logan International Airport after the 9/11 attacks, leading to recognition of the airport as the safest commercial airport in the US. QIC experts include Israeli high-level security and military officials that bring decades of proven Israeli knowledge and expertise with hands-on experience in developing and implementing many of the policies and measures now used in Israel and globally


QIC members are former high-level officials from the Massachusetts State Police and various institutions within Israel's security community including the former Commissioner of the Israel National Police who headed the Risk Assessment Committee for the 2004 Olympics in Athens.

Professional & Other

Our team of Israeli and American experts have experience and expertise in security policies and concepts to improve security for soft targets including hotels, commercial complexes, public events etc.
Our RAMP program provides security training and upgrades with Insurance liability coverage for public events (conferences, festivals etc.) against terrorism, active shooters and alcohol-related violence. See

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