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Ivan Alvarez Leon

Iván Alvarez León

Barcelona, Spain

Expert in carry out with multidisciplinary teams hotels, resorts and restaurants focus on architectural design, urban planning, experiential and emotional design, behavioral spatial solutions and architectural landscape.

Key Consulting Services

  • Experiential and Behavioral Design
  • Facility Planning
  • Architecture
  • Urban Planning
  • Landscape Architecture


Ivan is an architect and scientific with more than ten years doing design projects and research focused on tourist environments with a vision of multi-scale study and an interdisciplinary approach. He has worked in the relationship between design, tourist environment and people, through discovering new architectural designs, urban models, territorial and landscaper planning, emotional impact, and healthy state of people. His projects are focused on how landscape may trigger an emotional and healthy experiences in tourism environments through an innovative method based on automatic facial expression’s recognition.


As architect and urban planner has worked with public and private bodies for more than ten years. He worked with the Autonomous Region of Sardinia and the European Union to explore the Sardinian coastline and the development of the urban model in 20 municipalities, in order to determine the levels of environmental impact caused by tourism architecture. Ivan also has designed design a green architecture by introducing state-of-the-art elements. Recycling materials and processes for the facades of each of the buildings were investigated. At Drassanes Hotel (Barcelona) a technological facade (Cricursa trademark) with temperature and room solar radiation control.
As architect and urban planner he has worked and collaborated in dozens national and international contest. His awards in design competitions are very wide, such as, two projects 1st Prizes, four projects finalist, one project 2nd Prize, one 3rd Prize and one mention.
As professor and researcher interested in tourist architecture and planning has won two prestigious research project funded by the European Union (Young Research and Marie Curie Fellowship Research).
Currently, his designs are based on emotion and customer behavior using a sophisticated technology based on facial expressions, in order to measure real and virtual experience in hotel, resorts and restaurants.

Professional & Other

Leadership in group training and management of national and international competitions on
architecture and urban planning. Coordination and management of structures, facilities and construction technicians and companies for the design and draft of basic and executive architecture projects of hotels.

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