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Haresh Patel

Haresh Patel

Bremen, Georgia

An experienced hotel owner and operator with expertise in hotel/business loans, hotel/business acquisition and liquidation, market segment analysis and marketing.

Key Consulting Services

  • Acquisitions and Dispositions
  • Asset Management
  • Distressed Properties
  • Marketing Advisory Services
  • Financial and Market Analysis


Over 20 years of experience as a hotel owner, as an owner operator plus even more in hotel/business loans, put him in a unique position to understand hotel business through three different angles - from the owner perspective, management perspective and lender perspective. Haresh has experience in the various challenges faced by hotel buyers/sellers. Assisting hotel owners in the area of obtaining the right type of financing and tapping his network of financial experts, banking executives and private lenders. Haresh has developed an active practice obtaining financing for hotels, commercial real estate and business clients. He also helps guide his hotelier clients in marketing when they are using his financing, acquisition and liquidation services.


With a formal education in science, Haresh started his career as a research scientist and research assistance professor. During his job as a research faculty he started attending business lectures, exposing him to various resources at business school and he joined an entrepreneur's club. Haresh set a goal to be an entrepreneur and to own his own business. He entered the hospitality industry by owning and operating his first hotel. During this time he honed his skills and understanding of hotel ownership and management, and became expert in the types of problems hotel owners face in terms of their growth and financial success. He gained sales and marketing expertise by performing these duties for his properties. He also assisted various small business owners in obtaining financing, structuring deals and helping buy and sell their businesses – as a result gaining perspective of managing the transactions and lender relationships,. He has a wide network of owner and operator relationships

Professional & Other

Haresh holds an M.S. in Physics, and Ph. D. In Molecular Biophysics. He earned his CHA from the American Hotel and Lodging association educational institute. He is trained by Choice Hotel Management training program and a past member of the Regional Advisory Body of Choice hotel owner council. He is active member of AAHOA (Asian American Hotel owner Association).


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