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Gillian Harper

Gillian Harper

Pompano Beach, Florida

Diversified International travel and tourism marketing expert, dedicated to building revenue, partner relations and new business development.

Key Consulting Services

  • Implement growth opportunities
  • Increasing Revenue and Profitability


She is recognized for her successful branding projects and her skills in driving complex marketing, sales and product development programs on a global basis. Gillian is results driven and has held various executive positions in her career with expertise in business acquisition, product planning and design, alliances and relationship management with tourist boards, airlines and major international hotels and resorts.


Born and raised in the UK, Gillian moved to Canada and her early career included experience with prominent Canadian tour and travel companies. After joining Alamo Rent A Car, she was relocated to UK as Head of European Sales and Marketing where she led the company’s successful effort to build a bridgehead in that market. After returning to the USA, Gillian established the International Marketing Department for Alamo and introduced global marketing disciplines, creating a distribution strategy, charted the structure, vision and scope of the new department. In Fort Lauderdale, Gillian held an executive position with the Certified Vacations Group managing the partnerships for Delta Vacations, Future Vacations and Continental Vacations. Over the years, she has developed a keen appreciation for the opportunities in hospitality distribution across travel industry and consumer platforms. Gillian is an energetic force in the travel marketplace and a central player on the RWA team.

Professional & Other

Gillian graduated from Olton Business College in the UK and is an active volunteer at Broward County Women in Distress where she provides help to residents in writing resumes as well preparing them for a job interview. She previously served as Toronto President and Regional North America Governor of the International Federation of Woman’s Travel Organizations as well as serving as the Travel Service Supplier on the ACTA National board.

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