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Alex Moj

Munich, Germany

Uniquely qualified hospitality experts, controllers and big-data analysts, we find undetected data sources, unrecognized financial deficiencies and unutilized opportunities.

Key Consulting Services

  • Strategic and Operational Leadership Support
  • Improvement of Business Analysis Infrastructure
  • Financial Controlling as a Service (FCaaS)
  • Hotel Asset Management


Serving as Executive management’s sparring partner for setting strategic goals. MOJ offers programs and project management to facilitate realization of strategic goals through structuring change processes and supervising implementation.

Measuring operational infrastructure and managerial efficiency using proprietary set of methodologies. “Health Check” module: analyzes operations and provides scoring of Finance & Data, Market & Clients, Internal Procedures, and Innovation & Knowledge. “Compass” dashboard: record of key performance indicators. “Action Sheets”: provide best practice recommendations. “Potential Value” program: value-based management tool that examines management decisions as they relate to their impact on the company’s valuation.

Exclusive FCaaS service geared for properties where the controlling function requires enhancement or is being introduced. Focus lies on variance analysis, risk management, and strategic planning. Service helps to close gap between hotel accountant and senior management, customized based on property size and individual operation needs.

Asset management strategies based on priorities of each ownership group and its unique needs. Achieving objectives through benchmarking, capex management, HMA reviews risk analysis and potential for financial restructuring. Providing regular reviews with owners/operators with focus on optimizing the asset’s potential, and ensuring property’s contractual obligations are being met.


In hotels such as the Kempinski Vier Jahreszeiten Munich and the Ritz Paris, Alex learned to meet the expectations of discerning guests and the essence of hospitality. Armed with a master's degree from ESSEC/Cornell, his career path as general manager, internal auditor, regional controller and business analyst brought him to over 25 different countries in Europe, North America, Africa and the Middle East. In all, he analyzed or audited over 100 hotels while managing five-star full-service properties himself.

In 2020, Alex started MOJ & Partners. He and his co-founders provide a unique team of seasoned hospitality experts, controllers and data analysts, who will help operators, owners or investors find undetected data sources, unrecognized deficiencies and unutilized opportunities.

Navigating Hospitality – MOJ & Partners support senior management like a pilot supports a captain: as trusted advisor who helps to determine the position, set the course and stay on it.

Professional & Other

In 1998, Alex earned a Master in Hospitality Management from IMHI, jointly administered by Cornell University and ESSEC Business School.

Throughout his career, he benefited from professional education in various fields that included revenue management and hotel brand enhancements.

He gained vast experience with ownership structures and hotel management agreements, and in 2021 decided to emphasize those skills by taking the Cornell course “Hotel Real Estate Investments and Asset Management”.

Alex works in English, German and French.

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